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Thread: Carolla blames Mexican immigrants and their imported ‘culture’ for California’s strug

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    Carolla blames Mexican immigrants and their imported ‘culture’ for California’s strug

    Carolla blames Mexican immigrants and their imported ‘culture’ for California’s struggles [AUDIO]

    5:08 PM 11/30/2012
    Jeff Poor/The Daily Caller

    On his Wednesday podcast, comedian Adam Carolla blamed Mexican immigrants for overwhelming and destroying California’s troubled public-education system.

    “Schools are ****ing ruined, and schools are ruined — not because they’re out of money, but because we’re flooded with Mexicans, and they’re not into studying,” Carolla said. “They don’t come from that culture, and we’re not asking them to change. That’s the thing.

    We have a culture that is not focused on the schoolwork. It’s a different culture. It’s, by the way, why their culture is failing, and their country, ironically — it’s why they’re here. They’re here because they ain’t into studying. And somebody needs to tell them to get into studying.”

    Carolla, who is also a Fox News contributor, said the solution to the problem is not more state funding for education, but a fundamental cultural shift that begins at home.

    “The family has to get into studying,” Carolla continued. “The families have to be — the family is all you’re ever going to use, or all you’re ever going to need, when it comes to this topic. There’s just not enough money for the school system. There’s not enough principals. … You’ve heard this speech a million times. Families need to take cultures. Basically what we need to is go, ‘Look, here’s our culture. Our culture values family, studying and hard work and education.’ That’s our culture. Now you’re presumably coming from a country that does not focus on that as much in your culture.”

    The comedian, who authored “Not Taco Bell Material,” further lamented what he said is the political correctness that prevents a frank discussion about the culture of Mexican immigrants.

    “We have politicians that don’t want to fight that culture,” he said. “They don’t want to go against that culture, and we have people in the media who will be called a bigot the second they suggest that culture should change to our culture. Our culture is better than your culture and would you like to know why? You’re here. If your culture was better than our culture, then we would be there, or at least you wouldn’t be here. So let’s first settle the argument of whose culture is better: Our culture. That’s why you’re here.”

    “Are there ****ed up things about our culture? Yes,” Carolla added. “Are there good things about your culture? Yes. But when you stand back and you look at the totality of where you would like your child raised, you go here. Now, if we change this culture to your culture, we’re not going to have our culture and then we will no longer be where we need to be.”

    Read more: Carolla blames Mexican immigrants and their imported 'culture' for California's struggles | The Daily Caller
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    The majority of Americans agree with Adam.

    From the blog:

    dhimmitude • 9 minutes ago

    Regardless, he's right that people screw up their home place then leave for a better greener field then screw it up too.
    notenoughtime • 4 minutes ago

    Amen! My parents were immigrants who came to this country not knowing the language. And yes we did enter school with English as our second language. But it was expected from our parents that you work hard in school and get good grades. They could not help us but they made sure we had our work done. It all starts at home and this mindset goes for all areas of our culture. Working hard in school and getting good grades was what our parents knew was the way to be successful.

    wakeupamerica333 • 18 hours ago

    I'm Hispanic and I agree with Adam. Obama sold America to Mexico just to get reelected! I guy could give a damn about us, yet he continues to use Latinos like pawns! Shame on the Latinos that fell for his crap! The only thing Obama wanted was to save his expensive vacations and partying with Hollywood!

    daisyconser wakeupamerica333 • 18 hours ago

    im black i agree with adam.

    Death2_D_Rats_2014 daisyconser • 14 hours ago

    freeinaz wakeupamerica333 • 18 hours ago

    I would venture to say both parties have been trying to do this, but Obama succeeded better than the others. What ever happened to thinking for yourself instead of thinking culturally or ethnically? These politicians pander to groups trying to find the divide they can manipulate to their advantage.

    Our education system has been ruined by the federal government and public sector unions. There should not be a Dept. of Education at all. Since the Dept. Of Education inception you can just watch how the educational system in this country has degraded. The public sector unions and their piggish members have added to the demise. Teachers should be paid a decent wage as they are developing the future, however, they should also pay something towards their own future too.

    xarpen freeinaz • 3 hours ago

    I'm not disagreeing, but what proof exists that education was so much better in the 40's and 50's?

    Howienica xarpen • an hour ago

    Before the Dept. of Education existed in the mid 60s, there was one administrator/office worker for every 9 teachers.

    Today there is one administrator for every ONE teacher.

    Before the Dept. of Education the U.S. was ranked in the top 3 countries in the world in Math, Science, and Reading.

    Now the U.S. is ranked in the mid-20s in the world in Math, Science, and Reading.

    The U.S. spends more per capita on education than any country in the world.

    And we need more money for the Dept. of Education?

    Why? So the Teachers unions become even more powerful and corrupts our political system even more than they have, and the number of teachers retiring with 100,000 dollar pensions explodes even more?

    tyler520 xarpen • 2 hours ago

    If one were to argue that performance is the key standard, then arguably, schools are worse off now than they used to be, as graduation rates have declined since 1960. Despite the US spending more money per student than any other country on Earth, and doubling faculty/staff-to-student ratio in the same time period.

    xarpen tyler520 • 33 minutes ago

    Yes they have declined, but our population has exploded as well. I think the money is being used in a technocratic fashion in schools with little thought for the development of children.

    freeinaz xarpen • 33 minutes ago

    The graduation rates alone are extremely depressing. When an entire city school system (D.C.) can only graduate a little over 50% of the students from their high schools, there is something very wrong with the system. The blame can be spread all over the place, bad teachers, bad students, bad administrators, bad policies, bad materials, and most of all lack of parental support.
    Believe me, I am not one to bash teachers as they do a very difficult job and service, but if your not graduating over 90% your failing. What ever happened to classes in industrial arts, shop, or any other critical thinking classes? Seems we are doing a great disservice to our youth by not giving them some type of skills they could use past high school in either the work force or later into high learning institutions.
    The United States is falling behind in math, science, and reading. (see Howienica comment below). We can do better. I am going to do some research on your question and will post links when available.

    Jim Morris wakeupamerica333 • 17 hours ago

    I have met lots of Mexicans who were very nice, and my only gripe is that those who are here illegally go back to Mexico and enter our Country legally.If this were to happen there would be a lot less tension and mistrust.

    rainbowvow Jim Morris • 16 hours ago

    Nice isn't good enough. They bring their culture here to CA instead of letting our culture change their thinking. Ever been to Mexico?

    DAlvarez rainbowvow • 13 hours ago

    I blame the people of California, They deserve what they voted for, Period,,,,, The politicians in california, from the governor to the aldermans of any city, from the state senator to the mayors of every
    city, are selling California in order to be relected, and the people
    keeps voting for them,,,,,,They are the ones to blame.

    tyler520 DAlvarez • 2 hours ago

    I would mostly agree with the statement, except for the fact that once they enter California, and are enabled by its government, they have access to the rest of the country - the state of California needs to be quarantined.

    Wakeupamerica333 rainbowvow • 31 minutes ago

    Visiting California is now visiting Mexico!

    Barasscrack_Obozo wakeupamerica333 • 16 hours ago

    If they don't want to study or cooperate in school, let 'em go so they can pick cabbages or whatever out in the hot California sun all day.

    wakeupamerica333 Barasscrack_Obozo • 15 hours ago

    Obama did two injustices to Latinos. 1) he used them like pawns to get elected. He promised them again that he would do something with immigration. Not going to happen. He will blame republicans for non action. 2) he put the bullseye on them. And by that I mean there's gonna come a time where Latinos are going to be disliked because Americans are going to blame them for having so much say on how this nation is ran. Only because they helped put the Marxist in office again.

    DAlvarez wakeupamerica333 • 13 hours ago

    Let me to correct,,, No with immigration, you mean ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.......

    blight14 DAlvarez • 3 hours ago

    Actually, the BEST idea would be a nearly complete moratorium on ALL immigration......well, except from 'certain' nations that offer quality immigrants.....we'll sum up those 'certain' nations as much of Europe, Australia, etc....see a pattern?

    steve andrade DAlvarez • 2 hours ago

    ...proof they don't value education is that 70% voted for Obama...

    tyler520 DAlvarez • 2 hours ago

    correction: illegal alien

    "illegal immigrant" is a contradiction of terms

    blight14 Barasscrack_Obozo • 3 hours ago

    Just like the huge mistake ~260 or so years ago, we should ONLY use 'local' labor in America, period. And no, I don't want to hear the 'only doing jobs Americans won't do'...cut off the welfare to the parasites plus mandate prisoners must work, etc......'free/cheap' labor turns out to be the most expensive mistake in American history!
    Wakeupamerica333 putz1945 • an hour ago

    He did that with five groups. However with blacks, he shows up as a black man on election day. Kinda like OJ. OJ became black for the black jury. Otherwise Obama lives and has always lived like a white man. In fact Obama gave blacks higher unemployment then any other president yet they still voted for him. He knew that would happen. The only other thing he did for them is talk down to them. Basically, they were played like the other groups! However all Obama voters think they're the smart ones in the room. Like their leader!
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    Agreed. The others who seem to not care much being educated are the Native Americans in my kids schools. It freakin AMAZES me how so many say "weellll they were here first" (said in my most sarcastic voice - that phrase is like nails down the chalk board to me). Yeah, well the ANIMALS were here before them and being "first" does not give one the "right" to act like an "f"-up in class and take away from MY children's learning experience.

    So, couple that with the dregs we are importing from every 3rd world cesspool known to man and it's a sad state of affairs. Whites and Asians seem to be the ones most interested in getting an education and for what? So they can compete in a market with either no jobs in their chosen profession or no jobs that are lower paid because the F-ups have all those to compete for.
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    Here ya go

    The Japan Times
    November 29, 1999
    The Observer
    Evidence grows N. America's first colonizers were European

    LONDON — Stone Age Europeans were the first trans-Atlantic sailors. Columbus and the Vikings were mere ocean-crossing latecomers, according to a leading American anthropologist. Dennis Stanford, of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, says Neolithic fishermen and hunters sailed the Atlantic in tiny boats made of animal skins 18,000 years ago and colonized the eastern United States.
    Such a journey would represent one of the most astonishing migrations ever undertaken — the Earth was then in the grip of the Ice Age and much of its high northern and southern latitudes were desolate wastelands blasted by storms and blizzards.
    On the other hand, much of the planet's water was locked in icecaps and glaciers, and sea levels would have been much lower than today's. The edges of the continents would have extended further into the oceans.
    "The gap between Europe and America was greatly reduced," Stanford said. "It could have been quite feasible for fishermen and whale and seal hunters to sail around the southern rim of the packs of sea-ice that covered the North Atlantic and reach land around the Banks of Newfoundland."
    Stanford's theory — outlined at a recent archaeology conference in Santa Fe, N.M. — is based on discoveries indicating ancient American people were culturally far more like the Neolithic tribes of France, Spain and Ireland than the Asian people whom scientists had previously thought to be the sole prehistoric settlers of North America.
    Stanford also points out although modern Native Americans possess DNA similar to that of Asians, they also carry some variants found only in European people. This genetic input could only be explained by accepting Stone Age people could sail ocean-going boats, he said.
    "We now know that human beings learned to sail 50,000 years before the present," he said. "Mankind settled in Australia then and it was not linked by any land bridge to Asia. It could only have been reached by boat. Clearly, we had mastered sailing tens of thousands of years before America was colonized, so we should not be surprised by the idea that people took boat trips across the Atlantic 18,000 years ago."
    The theory that prehistoric Europeans colonized America was first put forward in the 1950s by archaeologist Frank Hibben, but was discredited by evidence supporting the notion the continent was populated 20,000 to 15,000 years ago by Asian migrants who walked across the land bridge then linking Siberia with Alaska, and who then trekked south through the continent.
    Stanford does not disagree Asian folk colonized ancient America, but argues current genetic and archaeological evidence shows an influx of Europeans must also have taken place. The prime candidates for these migrants are the Solutrean people who lived in Spain 23,000 to 18,000 years ago and later colonized parts of France and Ireland.
    They designed and made beautifully crafted fluted stone blades that bore a striking similarity to those made by the Clovis people who lived in America 11,000 years ago. Like the Clovis, the Solutreans made stone scrapers to prepare hides and kept stores of stone implements, buried in red ocher, round the countryside. These ancient Spaniards therefore must have been among the first New World settlers, Stanford says. Native Americans are Iberian, not Siberian, in origin.
    Artcle at:
    Evidence grows N. America's first colonizers were European

    Science News

    ... from universities, journals, and other research organizations 8

    First Humans To Settle Americas Came From Europe, Not From Asia Over Bering Strait Land-Ice Bridge, New Research Suggests

    ScienceDaily (July 17, 200 8 — Research by a Valparaiso University geography professor and his students on the creation of Kankakee Sand Islands of Northwest Indiana is lending support to evidence that the first humans to settle the Americas came from Europe, a discovery that overturns decades of classroom lessons that nomadic tribes from Asia crossed a Bering Strait land-ice bridge. Valparaiso is a member of the Council on Undergraduate Research.

    Dr. Ron Janke began studying the origins of the Kankakee Sand Islands – a series of hundreds of small, moon-shaped dunes that stretch from the southern tips of Lake and Porter counties in Northwest Indiana into northeastern Illinois – about 12 years ago. Over the past few years, approximately a dozen Valparaiso undergraduates have worked with Dr. Janke to create the first detailed maps of the Kankakee Sand Islands, study their composition and survey wildlife and plants inhabiting the islands.

    Based upon the long-held belief that most of the upper Midwest was covered by a vast ice sheet up until about 10,000 years ago, Dr. Janke said he and other scientists surmised the Kankakee Sand Islands were created by sand in meltwater from the receding glacier.

    That belief was challenged, however, when he and his students discovered a year and a half ago that the islands were composed of sand that had come from Lake Michigan – something that should have been impossible with the Valparaiso Moraine standing between the lake and the Kankakee Sand Islands.

    “That created a lot of problems with what we had previously believed about ice covering this entire area,” Dr. Janke said. “How could it get over the Valparaiso Moraine and be deposited there?”

    Figuring out that puzzle required taking core samples from some of the remaining islands and the development of a new test by one of Dr. Janke’s colleagues to determine when sunlight last shone on the sand.

    The answer that came back – the Kankakee Sand Islands were born between 14,500 and 15,000 years ago from Lake Michigan sand – was startling.

    Yet it also supports research showing that North American Clovis points – a particular type of arrowhead that represents the oldest manmade object on the continent –identically match arrowheads found in Europe and made by humans at approximately the same time. And just within the last year, new research has provided strong evidence that a large meteorite struck the ice sheet covering North American and melted much of the ice shortly before the formation of the Kankakee Sand Islands.

    “Our research at Valparaiso supports this other recent research because it indicates there wasn’t a massive ice sheet covering North America that would have allowed tribes to cross over from Asia via a Bering Strait land-ice bridge,” Dr. Janke said.

    Dr. Janke’s research on the formation of the Kankakee Sand Islands is continuing this summer, with a focus on determining whether the islands closest to Lake Michigan are younger than the southernmost islands.

    At one time, approximately 1,200 of the islands stretched out in a series of curved bands north and and south of the Kankakee River that are separated by a few miles and mirror the southern tip of Lake Michigan. Though many were destroyed by human settlement, about 700 still exist today.

    Dr. Janke and his students also have been active in the Woodland Savanna Land Conservancy, an organization working to protect the Kankakee Sand Islands.

    Scott Osthus, a recent graduate who worked with Dr. Janke to map the Kankakee Sand Islands and support their preservation, enjoyed being involved in the research effort.

    “During my four years at Valparaiso, I saw how interesting and significant the Kankakee Sand Islands landscape is,” Osthus said. “I want to see this area preserved because it is so historically significant.”

    Landowners have donated a handful of islands to the trust for preservation, and Dr. Janke is hopeful that others will follow their lead and perhaps eventually build enough support for some of the islands to be incorporated into Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore or their own state park.

    “The Kankakee Sand Islands are archaeologically significant, with numerous Native American artifacts and burial grounds still present in the surviving islands, and they provide crucial habitat for native wildlife and plant species,” Dr. Janke said. “I’m hopefully the sand islands can be protected so we can continue to learn about and appreciate them.”

    First Humans To Settle Americas Came From Europe, Not From Asia Over Bering Strait Land-ice Bridge, New Research Suggests
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