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    Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Ignores Residents’ Opposition, Fills College with 300 B

    Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Ignores Residents’ Opposition, Fills College with 300 Border Crossers

    by JOHN BINDER 30 May 2023

    Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) is seemingly ignoring opposition from residents on the sanctuary city’s Northwest Side and has prematurely filled the Wilbur Wright College with more than 300 border crossers and illegal aliens.

    Weeks ago, Johnson’s office began floating an idea to fill up Wilbur Wright College with hundreds of newly arrived border crossers and illegal aliens — most of whom have no ties to the United States but are taking advantage of President Joe Biden’s expansive Catch and Release network at the southern border.

    The initial plan suggested that border crossers and illegal aliens would not be placed at the college until early next month and after input from locals.

    This week, though, more than 300 border crossers and illegal aliens were placed at the college despite opposition from residents and without warning. During a town hall meeting last week, residents on Chicago’s Northwest Side spoke out against the city’s plans to turn their neighborhood into a migrant encampment.

    “It seems this whole thing was dumped on us,” one resident said. “We pay taxes in this district and we should have been told what’s going on and why.”

    “They can just roam the neighborhood. We have seniors, children, disabled. Do all these people have background checks?” another resident noted. “… this is an absolute slap in the face to those who came here legally,” another said to roaring applause.

    When Jesus Del Toro with Chicago’s Office of New Americans told the residents that turning Wilbur Wright College into a migrant shelter was in tune with the city’s history of promoting immigration, he was booed loudly.

    Northwest Side residents are not the only ones outraged by Johnson’s spreading illegal immigration across Chicago. Predominately black residents on the city’s South Side are equally as fed up, going as far as to file a lawsuit to stop a former school from being transformed into a migrant shelter.

    Johnson, though, has similarly ignored the residents.

    During his inaugural address, as Breitbart News reported, Johnson suggested that Chicago has tons of room for border crossers and illegal aliens.

    “We don’t want our story to be told that we were unable to house the unhoused or provide safe harbor for those who are seeking refuge here because enough room for everyone in the city of Chicago, whether you are seeking asylum or you are looking for a fully funded neighborhood,” Johnson said.
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    But they keep voting for the Democrat morons!

    Decades of destruction, wake up! Vote Dems out for good.

    They are their presidents responsibility, not the USA or it's taxpayers.


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