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    Chinese caught in border net

    Published: 10.13.2009

    Chinese caught in border net
    U.S. Border Patrol agents said Monday that several groups of illegal immigrants from China have been arrested in Southern Arizona in recent days.
    The arrests included two Chinese found among a large group of migrants who entered the county from Mexico on Friday. Three more Chinese were found on Saturday, a group that included four Chinese was captured on Sunday and four more were arrested early Monday.
    Border Patrol agent Colleen Agle says the arrests are part of a trend that has seen increasing numbers of Chinese migrants trying to sneak into the U.S. from Mexico. The numbers are still tiny in relation to the number of Mexican migrants caught.
    Agle says human smugglers are taking advantage of an increase in Chinese tourism in South and Central America and enticing Chinese to be smuggled into the U.S.
    Illegal aliens remain exempt from American laws, while they DEMAND American rights...

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    the bad thing is that china wont take back their own people,
    so what do we do with them now?

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