Chinese Invasion Blueprint Exposed

BY THOMAS HICKS has obtained a never before published document, circulated among Chinese illegal aliens, which offers a clear blueprint on how to navigate to the United States illegally, and how to exploit the asylum system, achieve refugee status, and become embedded in America.

Month after month, thousands of military aged Chinese nationals are crossing into the United States illegally.

Some of these illegal aliens served in the Chinese armed forces, others are conducting weapons training inside the United States, and all have followed the same blueprint for infiltrating America.

China is now positioned to attack America from within. CCP loyalists are scattered across the country and more are on the way. The longer America allows this trend to continue, the more inevitable will be its defeat to China.

This investigation by exposes how China is invading the United States without firing a single shot.

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Originally written in Chinese, had the full document professionally translated into English. Please subscribe to Muckraker Premium to access the full blueprint.