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    Claim Filed Against Mayor of Baldwin Park for Supporting

    Claim Filed Against Mayor of Baldwin Park for Supporting Hate Crimes & RICO Violations Against Senior Citizen
    To: National Desk

    Contact: Richard D. Ackerman, Esq., of Lively & Ackerman, 951-308-6454

    BALDWIN PARK, Ca., June 30 /Christian Wire Service/ -- The law firm of Lively & Ackerman, of Temecula, CA, has filed a formal governmental claim against the City of Baldwin Park, its Mayor, and Police Department. The firm represents Murrieta senior citizen Laura "Dottie" Dalton. According to the claim, "This governmental claim relates to an incident that took place on May 14, 2005, near the Danza Indigenas monument at the Baldwin Park Metrolink Station.

    The Claimant is a senior citizen who attended a peaceful protest against racism engaged in by the City of Baldwin Park through its support of a monument which denounces white and other non-Latinos. Specifically, there was a protest and counter-protest that took place on May 14, 2005. The issues that evoked the controversy specifically arise from the fact that the tax-supported monument has quotes that read "It was better before they came," and "This land was Mexican once, was Indian always and will be again." The Mayor of Baldwin Park was present in support of the monument and the protesters who support the continued display of these racist, separatist and discriminatory comments."

    The claim goes on to state that, "Mayor Lozano appeared to support racist comments made by protesters against Claimant, and endorsed discriminatory comments made by his fellow protesters. Other City Council members were also present at the protest, which eventually turned into an anti-white mob. [...] Furthermore, many of the attendees at the event were known to be here in the United States illegally. Instead of enforcing the law against their illicit presence, and thereby reducing the risk of a large mob mentality, the members of the City Council present at the event actively discouraged any enforcement of the law and actually incited protesters to attack those who were near Claimant. After inciting the crowd, members of the crowd did actually start throwing heavy objects toward Claimant. Claimant LAURA "DOTTIE" DALTON was hit by a full bottle of water that was intentionally hurled at a high velocity at the Claimant at about 1:00 pm." The medical records of Ms. Dalton indicate that she suffered a brain hemorrhage as a result of the foreseeable violence escalated by the Mayor of Baldwin Park.

    The claim seeks one million dollars in compensation for medical bills, future medical expenses, and punitive damages. The claim also requests that the City of Baldwin Park eliminate the racist comments set forth in the challenged monument. The City must respond to the claim in a manner prescribed by the California Government Code.

    Dalton's attorney, Richard Ackerman says, "I do not want to believe that a filing such as this is necessary in a supposedly diverse society that supports the First Amendment rights of my client. Worse yet is the fact that I am forced to defend a 66-year-old US resident who was injured because of her fight against government-sponsored racism and hate speech. The Mayor ought to be protecting California's actual residents instead of protecting those who violate the law and those that apparently support the contention that America should be devoid of whites, African-Americans, Asian-Americans and many others."

    A copy of the actual claim is available at
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    Hip Hip Hooray!!

    God Bless Dottie and Mr. Ackerman!!

    About time a lawyer got involved is this fight to save our country from these dastards.
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    This is awsome! Finally, justice might be served.
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    This article has been added to the alipac homepage. ... le&sid=507
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    Praise God!! I'm so glad someone finally stepped up to the plate! Go get 'em Dottie and Ackerman!! Yessssssss!!

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    I went to their web site and sent them a thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We need more attorneys like them that care about the American citizens and the rule of law.
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