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Thread: CLARK: Economic Migrants Are Treated Better than Veteran Afghan Interpreters Seeking

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    CLARK: Economic Migrants Are Treated Better than Veteran Afghan Interpreters Seeking

    CLARK: Economic Migrants Are Treated Better than Veteran Afghan Interpreters Seeking Safety in U.S.

    by RANDY CLARK 14 Jul 2021

    During a recent White House briefing on the withdrawal of the United States military from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden told reporters that current immigration law does not allow Afghan civilian translators who aided the U.S. Forces to await their special immigrant visas (SIV) stateside.

    As the interpreters risk death at the hands of the Taliban, Biden is facilitating the entry of thousands of economic migrants by immediately canceling the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) also known as “Remain in Mexico” program.

    After being asked a question during the briefing regarding why the Afghan translators and civilian allies could not be brought to the states in the interim, Biden’s response was firm: “the law doesn’t allow that to happen, and that’s why we are asking the Congress to consider changing the law.”

    He added, “but in the meantime, we can guarantee their safety, if they wish to leave, by taking them to third countries and/or, while the wait is taking place to come to–and hopefully, while they are waiting there, to bring them back to the United States, if that’s what they choose to do.”

    The Remain in Mexico program and other asylum cooperative agreements, canceled by a Biden executive order, were widely condemned by the left as cruel and hurtful for expecting asylum applicants to wait in a third country. That outrage has yet to extend to the Afghans.

    By cancelling the MPP, the administration allowed 28,000 asylum seekers, mostly Central Americans, Venezuelans and Cubans, to enter the United States rather than wait in a third country.

    According to the U.S. State Department, the Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrant Visa is limited to 50 persons per year and is for those who worked with U.S. Armed Forces or under chief of mission authority as a translator or interpreter in Iraq or Afghanistan. The applicant must obtain favorable written recommendation by a general or flag officer within the chain of command. Only those who served at least 12 months in the assisting roles qualify.

    The process is lengthy and the current interpreter backlog exceeds 18,000.
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    We waste millions and billions of taxpayer dollars to satisfy war mongers. We suffer human casualties and the loss of precious lives. We make people more angry with our occupation and meddling. We end up with thousands of another country’s citizens and refugees.

    Eighteen thousand in backlog and chain migration.

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    These countries around the world BEG us to send our sons and daughters, our husbands and wives, our brothers and sisters to go get slaughtered, maimed, lose their limbs, their eyesight, come home with PTSD, and live the rest of their lives in misery and pain both mental and physical to fight their civil wars. They are captured and tortured. They are our citizens and human beings too. The world does not care about them, only themselves!

    Then our government throws our Veterans under the bus, ignores them, and GIVES billions of dollars to these damn illegal alien parasites who have no right to be here and EARNED nothing! They are not our citizens to pay for! And TAKES billions of our hard earned money and gives it out in foreign aid like a Pez Dispenser to countries who hate our guts with zero results.

    This foreign aid is money laundering our tax dollars back into the swamps pockets! This is embezzlement and misappropriation of OUR tax dollars out of our wallets.

    They refuse to stand up and fight for their own countries, to send THEIR family members to war for their freedom, but is it o.k. to kill off our family members and maim them. These countries can send their own sons and daughters!

    They have thousands of men and women to fight! Why should we do it for them? Why should our women go into battle and fight their civil war?

    I am sick of this.

    Look at Afghanistan, were were there over 20 years. You can trust none of them! They turn on us, they take our weapons, they then hand them to the Taliban. They are two faced backstabbers that tell the bad guys our mission and ambush and kill them.

    Now our STUPID government wants to bring these interpreters here by the thousands! Hell no. Stay home and fight your own damn civil war. Why should WE pay these expenses to bring these people here. This is outrages! Those nasty people have been fighting every damn day for thousands of years and it never ends. They are bringing this to our soil, that mentality follows them here, they do not shed it! It is a big sandbox, go find some land and build your own City and police it yourself! We fought and lost our lives for them! Lost trillions of dollars. Isn't that enough? Now they expect us to pay to bring them here and live off our backs too?

    We spend billions Nation building and they turn around and blow it all right back up again. Are we stupid? They have thousands of ISIS, Taliban and gangs in prisons. Why are they not put down like the damn violent vermin they are? They conduct their crimes behind bars. They let them out of prison, they escape, to continue to make our lives a living hell. Put them out of OUR misery for Pete's Sake! There are thousands of them and we need to make a dent in this never ending problem.

    Then these countries have the NERVE to continue to beg us for money, food, medicine, and DUMP their people over our border. They dump their pregnant, overbreeding parasites, children, and criminals over our border. Their diseases and medical problems for us to pay for. They destroyed their own countries. They are bankrupting and destroying ours. They trash our schools, our parks, our roads, our communities They are bankrupting our healthcare system, they pay nothing, they appreciate nothing.

    This is insane! This is not funny!

    They have NO sympathy for our troops, our men and women. They do not give one damn that we work our butts off, have bills to pay, cannot afford our housing our healthcare.

    They come here mouth off in our streets and on our Capitol. Go home and mouth off on yours! They come here waving their countries Flags, block our roads, leave their trash everywhere! What the hell? Go home, go trash and mouth off in your own country.

    It is expensive to live here, we cannot afford it because we are taxed to death and FORCED to pay for the rest of the damn world and their problems they created themselves!

    Enough already. No more never ending wars, no more immigration, this is tearing us apart. We now have our own people rioting, looting, burning down cities. We have shootings in our own streets, toddlers, and children being killed in cold blood. We have animals twerking in our streets on cop cars and ambulances. That is disgusting! What is wrong with these people?

    We have corrupt politicians, cheating in our elections! Wasting our money by the billions! We are on a fast track to turning into a 3rd world dump full of violence and the same crap these people fled. We do not want it here.

    No more people!
    No more money!
    No more wars!

    No Amnesty #8
    No Path to Stay
    No Refugees
    No TPS
    No Asylum
    No Birthright Citizenship
    No Free Stuff

    We demand a break, we demand our government takes care of America First, not the rest of the world.

    The people who profit off this misery and never ending wars are the rich, lying, money laundering, insider trading, elite swamp rats who all need to be prosecuted and thrown in prison.


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