On Tuesday, April 17, around 9AM in Cleveland, Tennessee, Dept. of Homeland Security and the Cleveland, Tennessee Code Enforcement with Cleveland, Tennessee Police on scene entered a home located on Grand Drive and after an hour pulled up to the front door and proceeded to remove individuals by van from the location. Were these individuals illegal aliens?

For over a year, individuals, mainly Asian and Hispanic have been being housed in a single family home on Grand and bused to the New China Buffet and Grill on Treasury, near the new Wal Mart. Counts of individuals have been as many as 18 in recent days. These people had no means of transportation, other than the white van with blackened windows that left each morning around 10 and returned each evening around 10:20.

The only other vehicle regularly seen at the residence is a gold pilot SUV, that is generally present everyday at the New China Buffet and Grill, Treasury Drive, Cleveland, Tennessee.

This is not an isolated incident in Cleveland, TN. Other white vans with blackened windows are seen driving on the roads. Another white van and gold SUV has been located at the home on Grand when the above mentioned white van and gold SUV were present.

Neighbors mentioned some of the occupants asking to sleep in their home till the owner returned. Others spoke of cases of beer carried up and down the streets. One neighbor spoke of people walking through their yard.

The question becomes, who are these people, where are they from, why are they housed in these conditions? Has the owner of the home been charged?

The name on the house is Ming Li. The gold SUV was at the location of the New China Buffet and Grill just as it is every day. Many hispanics were outside the restaurant after the raid, but they were not going inside.

The following individuals were made aware over the past year.

Mayor Tom Rowland, Cleveland, Tennessee

Cleveland, Tennessee City Council Members:

Bambi Hines

George Poe

Mayor Gary Davis, Bradley County (Cleveland, Tn)

Senator Lamar Alexander's Office

Representative Zach Wamp

Office of Tennessee Attorney General

Cleveland, Tennessee Code Enforcement

Cleveland, Tennessee Police Department

Bradley County Sheriff Tim Gobble

Representative Eric Watson

Representative Kevin Brooks

Department of Homeland Security (ICE)

The New China Buffet and Grill has other locations in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Clarksville, Tennessee. Clarksville, Tennessee is under invasion from illegal aliens according to residents.