The Very Clever Obama Knows What He is Not Talking About
By Dennis Campbell (02/22/0

Someone posed a question the other day that was quite valid: Why does Barack Obama say nothing of substance? Why is he so, so unspecific?

Just about everything Obama offers is expressed in generalities. We get almost no details in how he is going to accomplish his grand designs.

The public, and an enraptured media, seem more fascinated by his charismatic personality and oratorical skills than interested in exactly what kind of policies we can expect from Obama.

We do know that he is skilled in the art of duplicity. For example, regarding gun rights, on the one hand he says he supports the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans to keep and bear arms, but at the same time he supports the Washington, D.C., restrictions on gun ownership.

How can you be for something and against it at the same time? Apparently, you can if you are Barack Obama, and he goes unchallenged by the mainstream media.

Obama talks of ending world poverty (something that has not been accomplished in America in spite of three trillion dollars in spending), and bringing people together, and making peace with our enemies.

How? We are never told. Apparently, it is enough just to say the words.