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    Comment: Why some Hispanics oppose illegal immigration, amne

    Comment: Why some Hispanics oppose illegal immigration, amnesty

    Web Posted: 06/15/2006 12:00 AM CDT
    Armando Simón

    In the illegal immigration debate, you may have noticed a number of transparent straw-man arguments concocted by the criminals' advocates.

    “Illegal immigrants take jobs that Americans don't want.” Could somebody please finally tell us just what these mythical jobs are?

    “The Minutemen watching our borders are all vigilantes.” Exactly what laws have they broken? And whom have they killed?

    “Opponents are against all immigrants.” No, we're against those who are here illegally.

    “Erecting a fence along the border would be tantamount to having a Berlin Wall.” Aren't the metaphors mixed up? The Berlin Wall kept citizens of a dictatorship from leaving the country; Hadrian's Wall and the Great Wall of China kept outsiders out.

    As for the sob story of children of illegal immigrants who are born here and will supposedly be separated from their families if their parents are deported, nobody is preventing them from joining their parents; they can come and go as they wish. When other criminals break the law and are incarcerated, does it matter that their children are separated from them?

    But the one tactic that sets my blood boiling is watching most of the media deliberately — yes, deliberately — trying to turn this into a racial issue, a topic that they practically salivate over. You know them — these are the types of journalists who would love to see the balkanization of America.

    So let me lay it out for you: There are many Hispanics who oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    I am a legal immigrant, a U.S. citizen and Hispanic. And I oppose illegal immigration. Why? To quote Dennis Miller, “Yes, this country is a melting pot, but we decide what ingredients go into the pot. The ingredients don't just go marching up to the pot and just jump in.”

    But, really, it all boils down to one simple question: What part of illegal don't you understand?

    Not to mention that amnesty to the ones who came here illegally is a slap in the face at those immigrants who have followed the rules, such as my wife, who is from Asia. She came here legally, has paid her dues and followed the laws. And now she has applied for citizenship and has to put up with rude bureaucrats.

    As for those readers who are inevitably, automatically concluding that I must be ashamed of my Hispanic heritage, I could point out that I speak three languages (English, Spanish, Italian) and one dialect (Tex-Mex) and that I have a huge library of literature in Spanish, English and Italian.

    I'm American. No, my loyalties are not divided. I'm American. And as far as I am concerned, America's interests come first and foremost. Yes, I speak Spanish. So what? I'm American.

    What's my complaint? How about identity theft, that illegals obtain driver's licenses and Social Security numbers that belong to other people? How about coming over here and not respecting our laws — not just about immigration, but even simple stuff, such as refusing to get car insurance?

    And now you know why some American citizens of Hispanic descent oppose illegal immigration and amnesty for those here illegally. Or maybe it's not “some,” maybe it's “most.” The media just seem to ignore us.

    Armando Simón, of Live Oak, is a research psychologist and playwright.
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    Berlin Wall

    "The Berlin Wall kept citizens of a dictatorship from leaving the country; Hadrian's Wall and the Great Wall of China kept outsiders out."

    Having watched the continuous and sad disintegration of a city (Berlin), since the removal of a once formidable barrier, and, thus the subsequent dilution and destruction of political, economic, and social ideals by a population of ungrateful and ignorant "citizens" raised as Communists, I can only say: The WALL SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN TAKEN DOWN!

    To have the Marshall Plan reduced to rubble, and additionally unleash millions of fools into a (Western) economy without any planning, created the problems Germany is experiencing today. The feel-good warmth of the destruction of the Wall evaporated over the following decade! Ask ANY FORMER WEST GERMAN CITIZEN what the reality is.

    It is no different here in the United States. Learn through history, or repeat the mistakes of the past---the choice is very clear. Walls serve a purpose---to keep in what should not leave, and to keep out what should not come in. Simple!
    Title 8,U.S.C.§1324 prohibits alien smuggling,conspiracy,aiding and

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    Your view is well-stated. I have many friends who have through the LEGAL immigration process, and it is no easy task. I fail to see why they were (are still being) put through this tedious process, doing everything the 'right way', while others get a free pass.

    What are we saying to these good people?
    "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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