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    Congressional Hispanic Caucus hissy fit

    [quote]November 9, 2007, 2:59 pm
    House Anger Over English-Only Policies Boils Over
    David Rogers reports on Congress.

    Frustration among members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus broke into the open this morning in a rare twist: Democrats supporting a motion to adjourn the chamber their party controls.

    California Rep. Joe Baca, a leader in the House caucus, set off the fireworks in protest of the Democratic leadership’s handling of a vote Thursday night related to English-only practices in the workplace. The adjournment motion failed narrowly, 204-184, with some of the protesters backing down. But the incident reflects real anger in the caucus given what many perceive as the current anti-immigrant political climate in Congress.

    The collapse of immigration overhaul legislation in the Senate this summer has all but doomed efforts to address the millions of undocumented workers in the U.S. The so-called “Dream Act
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    Move to a spanish speaking Country if you don't like it Mr Baca and your Hispanic Caucus......Simple....Adios amigo
    Never look at another flag. Remember, that behind Government, there is your country, and that you belong to her as you do belong to your own mother. Stand by her as you would stand by your own mother

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    [quote]“We need better intelligence
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    A common language unifies a country!
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    Baca has a reputation for being a real sob (sorry). He bullies until he gets his way. These are the kind of people that have ruined California!

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    [quote="zeezil"][quote]“We need better intelligence
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    That is what we get for voting people with Hispanic last names. Like Bacca. They are not for what is good for Amercia as a whole, they are only concerened with how a law affects the Hispanic, mostly illegal, community. What is wrong with having English in the workplace?. MOST everyone who lives in the country speak English. Most immigrants from other countries speak English. We shouldn't HAVE to learn Spanish to place an order or check merchandise out. How can you have a smooth working atmosphere with everyone speaking different languages. We have to draw the line somewhere and that is with English. I could go on and on here, but I won't.

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    I refuse to shop at Walmart and was surprised today when a friend told me they asked an employee at Walmart a question yesterday and the employee said No SPEAK ENGLISH.

    My friend was upset that Walmart would have employees who could not assist her because they do not speak the english language.I too was very surprised,it's a real slap in the face to people who made Walmart a household name !!

    I am surprised at our hispanic legislators who were put into office by a majority they know speak english only and that it is our language !

    How dare they get angry because we do not want to be multilingual and want our business conducted in ENGLISH !

    You must speak english to become a citizen so there is NO excuse to only speak spanish or other foreign languages.
    "A Government big enough to give you everything you want,is strong enough to take everything you have"* Thomas Jefferson

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    There seems to be a growing belief in my area that you don't have to speak English!! There was a very interesting comment on our local forum. Sometimes the arrogance and demands overwhelm me... We must push this issue. This week there is a city bus going around town with one of those advertising skins on it in a total foreign language. It has in very large letter; Casa de Cambio, then the location and hours. People have already complained about it in our paper.


    November 13, 2007

    El autobus

    Why is the advertising on Pace buses in Spanish? ... S1.article
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    Last week, at my child's Parent-Teacher conference at Washington school, I heard the mother of a student demanding (of a teacher) that her child be taught in Spanish only. She claimed that her daughter does not need English to get by in Waukegan. She said she did not need ESL or bilingual classes. She also said that her child did not need to learn US History since we are living in a smaller world where the internet provides all the knowledge her child needs.

    When we were leaving, I saw this lady and her child leave in a car WITH WISCONSIN LICENSE PLATES!

    The teacher responded with poise and intelligence, pointing out that her child might benefit from English and US History, especially if she chose to go on to high school and/or college.

    If we have parents like this who do not support the language, the curriculum, or the teachers, our problems have just begun. ... hichpage=3
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