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Cops: Illegal alien 'preys on women walking alone regardless of the time of day'

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Dave Gibson
Immigration Reform Examiner

February 1, 2014

On Jan. 22, police in Miami arrested Eduardo Ponce Salgado, 25, after he reportedly grabbed a woman and raped her in broad daylight.
The 22-year-old victim was walking along 34th Street, around 9:45 a.m, on her way to the Allapatah Metro Rail Station, when Salgado began walking with her, according to police.

Suddenly, Salgado pulled the woman's sweater over her head, and dragged her into the backyard of an abandoned house, where he choked and raped her.

Neighbors heard the woman's screams for help, and held Salgado until police arrived.

Through DNA evidence, the illegal alien has also been identified as the same man who sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl on Nov. 14.

The girl was walking home from school when Salgado approached her near the intersection of NW 12 Avenue and 33 Street, according to court documents.

CBS 4 reported:

[He] started touching the victim’s face and telling her how beautiful she was. The attacker, who police believe is Salgado, allegedly covered her mouth and began dragging the girl behind an abandoned home.

The victim was struggling with her attacker as he tried to take off her clothes. He eventually began to take his clothes off—that’s when she punched him and was able to flee to safety on foot.
As it turns out, Salgado lives in the same neighborhood where he allegedly carried out the brazen attacks.

Officer Kenia Reyes of the Miami Police Department told reporters: "He preys on women walking alone regardless of the time of day."

Police believe that Salgado may also be responsible for another brutal attack which occurred in the same area on New Year's Day.

The victim in that assault was dragged into an open field and beaten mercilessly as she was being raped.

Salgado has been charged with sexual battery, lewd and lascivious molestation on a child 12-16 years of age, attempted sexual battery on a minor, and false imprisonment of a child under 13.

He is currently being held at the Metro West Detention Center in Miami on an