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    Cornyn - Senator Talks About Border Wall

    Need the fence but he doesn't say a word about employers.
    Senator Talks About Border Wall
    Diana Rosales-KFOX News Associate Producer

    POSTED: 7:56 pm MDT August 29, 2007
    UPDATED: 9:49 pm MDT August 29, 2007

    EL PASO, Texas -- Wednesday Sen. John Cornyn weighed in on the issue of a possible wall being built across the U.S. Mexico border.

    He said he recognizes the controversy surrounding the construction of a wall, which he does not anticipate happening soon.

    "No one is suggesting that we're willing to have a 2,000-mile wall placed on our southern border. For one thing, people can come over walls, they can come under walls and they can come through walls if they're not maintained, " said U.S. Sen. Cornyn.

    Cornyn said he believes the best way to tackle border security is by increasing the amount of border patrol agents, using military technology and then putting fencing in some hard-to-control places.
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    Live up to your legal obligations Cornyn, and build the d%*n fence, all 854 miles of it now! No one says that a fence is the only solution, but it's an important part it, along with interior enforcement, throwing CEO's in prison who hire illegals, and cutting off their benefits.
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    Cornyn is up for reelection in 2008...I know I will not vote for him.
    I know he helped defeat the "Shamnesty " bill this summer but he only did it because of the huge opposition! It's time to rid the Senate, Congress and White House of RINO's and get some true blue conservatives, in all aspects of government both federal and local.

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