Cotton: ‘Ultimate Failure of Our Immigration System’ — Could Be Solved by Saying ‘You Cannot Get in, Do Not Come’

by JEFF POOR 29 Mar 2021

Monday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) categorized the ongoing border crisis as a “failure” and said had the Biden administration wanted to, it could solve it by publicly stating a policy to deter migration at the southern border.

Partial transcript as follows:

COTTON: Yes, I saw the same thing in this little political apparatchik whose been working for the Biden administration for two weeks came down and tried to tell senators in my group like Dan Sullivan to put their phones away or they were going to be escorted out of the facility and it made me wonder who was going to actually do that.

Does the Border Patrol agrees that Joe Biden’s policy is a udder and total failure. That’s the thing that we consistently heard, is if you let them in, more will come. Not shockingly if you say that minors get into the country or that anyone who shows up with a child under the age of six gets into the country, guess what, you get more of them into the country.

It leads to the heartbreaking scenes that we’ve seen in some of these pictures and videos from my colleagues. But again, those are all just the symptoms, not the cause. The cause is letting them into the country in the first place. And once they’re in, they will never go home.


COTTON: Many of them aren’t even getting a notice to appear in court. And if they do appear in court and they get a notice of removal to deportation, well Joe Biden has halted deportations.


COTTON: These people know that they can get into our country and they are never going to have to go home and they can lead a better life.

That is the ultimate failure of our immigration system. It could all be solved by simply saying, you cannot get in, do not come. If you do, we will send you home.