Could Arizona voter citizenship law go to Supreme Court?

Posted: 06/21/2011
Last Updated: 48 minutes ago
By: Associated Press

PASADENA, CA - Lawyers representing the state of Arizona, the federal government and Mexican-American and Indian groups have argued both sides of a controversial voter registration issue before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

The panel of 11 judges who agreed to re-hear the issue after an earlier ruling engaged in lively exchanges with the lawyers Tuesday.

Their questions concerned whether Arizona could add requirements to a federal voter registration form designed to prove voters are citizens.

The court is reconsidering a three-judge panel's ruling that the state's proof of citizenship requirement conflicts with federal laws on voter registration.

Lawyers say the judges appeared split in their opinions and they could not predict how the matter would be decided.

Both sides say the case will likely go to the U.S. Supreme Court. ... e-court%3F