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    Court halts use of Social Security data in illegal immigrant

    Court halts use of Social Security data in illegal immigrant employment case
    by Jessica Kelmon
    Oct 01, 2007

    WASHINGTON - Government plans to use Social Security data to prevent the hiring of illegal immigrants were on hold this week thanks to a California court order.

    The Department of Homeland Security had hoped to get the order lifted Monday after a hearing before U.S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer in the Northern District of California. But Breyer extended an earlier temporary restraining order barring implementation of the plans.

    Under the government’s rule, Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration were going to send an initial batch of 140,000 so-called “no matchâ€

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    Leave to a Californian court to side with the wrong doers. (bleeding hearts)
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    possible discrimination in firing illegal Hispanic workers and not other illegal employees
    No where in the information received by DHS or SS states the race of the person submitting the information for employment. How can the letters discriminate, when they don't have the information to be able to?

    I really hope the judge sees through that smoke screen.

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