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Thread: A Crackdown on Birth Tourism

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    A Crackdown on Birth Tourism

    A Crackdown on Birth Tourism

    February 23, 2019

    Michael Reagan


    The Department of Homeland Security has proudly announced it has managed to treat one symptom of America’s dysfunctional immigration system. Before we go further, let’s take a break to explain what we mean by “dysfunctional.”In our usage “dysfunctional” means the system doesn’t work for citizens or the national interest, but it’s purring like a top for scammers, leftists, cheap labor importers, illegal immigrants, the great immigration “compassion complex,” and other immigration law breakers.

    They get plenty of benefits while citizens are stuck with the bill.

    DHS announced the indictment of the operators of three “birth tourism” companies that flew Chinese nationals here so they could have a baby and a U.S. citizen simultaneously. The LA Times reports the operators of You Win USA, USA Happy Baby, and Star Baby Care were indicted for “an array of crimes including immigration fraud, money laundering and identity theft, according to indictments filed in U.S. District Court.”

    Well at least the company names were truthful.

    Arrests were made for only two of the three companies because in DHS’ loveable Keystone Cops fashion the operator of the third company was allowed to flee to China along with a group of witnesses and mothers who participated in the fraud.

    Having an anchor baby in the U.S. employs many of the same techniques and all of the lies that asylum applicants use to game the system. The Times found, “You Win USA employees allegedly coached the women on the lies they should write on bogus applications for tourist visas and made sure the women traveled before their bellies swelled too much to conceal.” Scammers are “coached on how to deceive U.S immigration officials. She was instructed to fabricate a job and the name of the place she went to school, information the You Win USA employee later used to complete an application for a tourist visa to the United States on behalf of the woman.”

    And as a final poke in the eye the scammers, “After paying tens of thousands of dollars to the companies that brought them to the U.S., the mothers often claimed to be uninsured or poor to receive a reduced bill for childbirth services.”
    The Center for Immigration Studies estimates Chinese fraudsters alone have approximately 36,000 babies a year in the U.S.

    However, the LA Times definition of birth tourism evidently requires an airplane has to be in the picture since the only other countries listed as birth tourism producers are Taiwan, Korea, Turkey, and Russia. The entirety of Latin America is missing from this list, although come to think of it maybe to qualify as a birth tourist the individual has to be planning on returning to the home country, which certainly doesn’t apply to Latin American anchor babies.

    Cracking down on organized birth tourism scams won’t do anything to end the problem because it doesn’t address the cause, which is the absurd concept of birthright citizenship. The USA and Canada are the only first-world nations that grant citizenship to any and all lucky enough to be born within the nation’s borders.

    Back in November of 2018 President Trump promised to issue an executive order ending the practice in the U.S. Four months later we are still waiting.
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    While cracking down on birth tourism is always good news, it is the great multitudes of illegal aliens who have broken in/and/or overstayed their visas, and given birth (and continue to ) to the millions of anchor babies living courtesy of the taxpayers, in our country today. Pregnant illegal aliens simply show up for free prenatal care, no questions asked, and the taxpayers foot the bill as the benefits flow for the next 18 years. Additionally, thousands turn 18 every year, and vote legally in our elections. Imperative that birthright citizenship end to save the country.
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    Trump declared the National Emergency to fund the barriers.

    Now follow through and sign the Executive Order to end the scam of Birthright Citizenship and get it to the Supreme Court NOW! The Democrats started issuing illegal aliens US Birth Certificates in the 60's and should have NEVER done this.

    The DemonRats are behind every policy throughout history to destroy this country and throw our minorities under the bus who are American citizens. They never had a chance with their corruption of manipulating their voter base and these people continue to believe their lies and vote for them.

    Give them a "Certificate of Child Born Abroad" and deport them off our soil.

    Their countries laws state if they give birth on foreign soil...then that child IS a citizen of their country. Get them out of here!

    Deport the illegal alien parents and they take their minor children with them.

    End Dual Citizenship as well. You are either an American...or you are not!

    That Jorge Ramos needs to lose his citizenship status and get tossed over the border.

    Many of these "immigrants" come here and have Dual Citizenship, enjoy the benefits of this country and take from us, but have absolutely NO allegiance to our citizens or our country.

    You cannot respect that which you did not earn. Shut down these failed policies and defund them.

    We are tired of being used, abused and run over by every foreigner on the planet invading our country.
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