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    Craig, Crapo Split On Immigration Bill

    Craig, Crapo split on Senate immigration bill
    Idaho Ready for Immigration Bill; Senate is Not

    By Nathaniel Hoffman, 6-26-07

    Martin Rodriguez was once an undocumented alien. Now he votes.

    BOISE, Idaho – Nampa businessman Chris Veloz had a bit of a shocker at last week’s Idaho Hispanic Chamber of Commerce inaugural gala. His friend, Martin Rodriguez, a Meridian Realtor, revealed in casual conversation that he had come to this country “the way most Mexicans do.
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    Craig's strong support of this bill is due in great part to the AgJOBS program he sponsored that will authorize up to 1.5 million immigrant farm workers into the U.S. He'll do whatever is necessary to bring in those cheap labor farm slaves. Furthermore, these folks will have the opportunity for a path to citizenship. Also, let's not forget - many of those 1.5 million will eventually abandon farm work for other jobs in areas such as construction, landscaping, maid service, etc. Yes, a lot of them will become illegal aliens prior to qualifying for the path to citizenship.

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