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    Critical: Beat Cannon's AgJOBS in Senate AgJOBS amnesty bill

    LINK to article

    April 5, 2005
    Issue 224

    If you were one of the many who took advantage of our offer last December to send Reasoned Greetings to your Representative, you have two letters against AgJOBS being hand delivered to your Senators this week, and another mailed to your Representative. Reproduced below is the House version. If you didn't respond last December, but would also like a letter delivered in your name, see below.

    Critical: Beat Cannon's AgJOBS in Senate
    Worse than an amnesty, if AgJOBS succeeds, the game may be over
    ProjectUSA director

    Have a letter sent for free to your Representative and Senators
    You can have the letter at left sent in your name to your Representative and Senators, too, by filling out a simple form.

    Please be accurate and neat in filling out the form (we have way more work than we can do as it is).

    Please include your zip+4 so we don't have to look it up for you.

    And please consider chipping in a donation to help us cover costs. Mailings are exensive, and even though we don't have the funds to do this (I'm charging this to my personal credit card), the AgJOBS bill must be stopped.

    Send a letter for me, too.

    The heart of the letter to your Representative reads:

    You have probably heard a lot from special interests about the AgJOBS amnesty bill introduced by Representative Chris Cannon of Utah.

    You've probably heard that it isn't really an amnesty, or that it will bring people out of the shadows, or that the economy will collapse without it.

    Please make sure you understand what is in this bill. You can't rely on Mr. Cannon's office or the American Immigration Lawyers Association to give you an accurate description of it.

    For example, did Mr. Cannon tell you that AgJOBS allows illegal aliens to apply for the amnesty from a consular office outside the United States? Why is that in there? We don't have illegal aliens in Guangzhou -- living in the shadows or otherwise. But it's right there in the bill, in Sec. 101(d)(1)(B).

    Did Mr. Cannon tell you that merely applying for the amnesty at a consular office outside the United States gives the alien the right to enter the United States? Well, it does. You can read it for yourself at Sec. 101(d)(1)(C).

    Did Mr. Cannon tell you that the bill removes all numerical limits on the number of foreigners who can gain the right to move to the United States under his amnesty? It's in Sec. 101(e)(1). And that they can bring their spouses and children, too? Sec 101(c)(2)

    Did Mr. Cannon tell you that the AgJOBS amnesty explicitly removes protections for American workers? Sec. 101(a)(1)(C) [with (e)(2)]

    Did he tell you that amnestied aliens have nearly all the rights of U.S. citizens--including the right to sue U.S. citizens? That taxpayers can be forced to pick up some of the alien's legal costs when the aliens sue Americans? That U.S. courts have no jurisdiction over aliens' lawsuits against American citizens? Sec 101(b)

    Did Mr. Cannon tell you that the "proof of employment" that allows the illegal alien to go from illegal to temporary to permanent is provided by those with an incentive to increase the numbers of amnestied aliens? That the documentation can be employment records provided by the employer and records provided by collective bargaining organizations? Sec 101(c)(1)(A)(iv) (The Service Employees International Union gave Mr. Cannon $15,000 for the last election, and UNITE HERE gave him $10,000.)

    Did Mr. Cannon tell you that his amnesty bill designates organizations outside the federal government to receive the applications for amnestyâ€

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    Rarely does something as important as this come along. This Bill should boost you to calling your Reps and Senators ... rs_cfm.cfm if anything every would.

    Please read every link in this post so you know what is coming down the line at us.

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