Official Document Shows Danbury Hospital In CT Paid $4 Million For Illegal Alien Care In Q1 & Q2 2006
By Digger

Danbury Hospital made it official in a document entitled "Self Pay Outcomes, FY 06, Quarter 1 & 2". In this document is a line item for "undocumented non-citizens" and the number next to it is $3.9 million and that is just for the first 2 quarters of 2006, treating 321 of the millions and millions of illegal aliens in this country.

Of that $3.9 million, the state of Connecticut picked up 71%. This has outraged members of the community in Connecticut who have been pushing for immigration reform. Elise Marciano of U.S. Citizens for Immigration Law Enforcement had this to say "It means that you and I and everyone who lives in the state of Connecticut are paying 70 percent of their bill"

Most Americans don't think about this, but your taxes are directly going to pay for the bills of these illegal aliens you are waiting behind in the Emergency Room. Not only are they making you wait, they are making you pay for it to! I'm sure most think that the hospitals eat the full amount, but that simply isn't the case. It comes out of your pocket.

Official documentation on the cost of illegal aliens is hard to come by because those who want illegal aliens here have pushed for many laws over the years to prevent the true number and cost from being counted. Federal laws mandate that all persons must receive care in an emergency room regardless of immigration status and other federal laws prevent hospitals from even asking the immigration status of their patients. This has all been well orchestrated to prevent Americans from being told the full story, that billions of their tax dollars are being spent on illegal alien social services and through direct fraud.

And keep in mind that this is only one hospital in one town for only two quarters of 2006.

WTNH ( )

During the first two quarters of last year, Danbury Hospital treated 321 illegal immigrants at a cost of almost $4 million, according to a report from WTNH-TV.

The document has a specific line item for "undocumented non-citizens," according to WTNH reporter Alan Cohn.

"It does break it down," Cohn said in an interview Wednesday.

Cohn said the figures show that more than $3.9 million was spent for the undocumented in the first two quarters of last year and more than $6 million for U.S. citizens.