by Kristin Tate 8 Oct 2014, 10:31 AM PDT

HOUSTON, Texas -- Texas State Senator and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick released a new television commercial focused on border security. The ad is called, "Washington's Failed Us."

Patrick's opponent is State Senator and Democratic nominee Leticia Van de Putte. In his ad, Patrick claims that "while ISIS terrorists threaten to cross our border and kill Americans," Van de Putte continues to "falsely attacks me to hide her failed record on illegal immigration."

"Leticia Van de Putte opposed putting National Guard troops on the border," a narrator then says. "[She] would send millions to Central American governments instead, and wrote the law giving in-state tuition to illegal immigrants."

Patrick continues, "National security begins with border security, and that begins with the Texas Rangers and the National Guard. Washington's failed us. As Lieutenant Governor, border security will be my top priority."

Although securing the border is the responsibility of the federal government, Patrick and many of his conservative colleagues believe it has become Texas' problem.

Wickers Group produced the commercial. Wickers Group spokesman Bob Wickers said in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas, "Senator Patrick has a strong legislative record for securing our border. Patrick co-authored legislation that demands reimbursement by the federal government for border security costs. He authored legislation that prohibits sanctuary cities, and authored legislation that removes enticements that encourage illegal immigration."

In late September Patrick and Van de Putte went head to head during the first debate in the Lieutenant Governor's race. Patrick opened the debate by noting that "there has never been a bigger difference" between two Texas Lieutenant governor candidates. Van de Putte is "out of step with most Texans on every issue," Patrick continued. "I know her well, and like her, we’ve sat next to each other in the Senate for eight years."