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Thread: Dave Brat: Eric Cantor flip-flops on immigration, amnesty

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    Dave Brat: Eric Cantor flip-flops on immigration, amnesty

    ALIPAC has endorsed Dave Brat.

    Published Monday, May. 19, 8:51 pm
    Augusta Free Press

    Eric Cantor is displaying textbook election year politics – the hallmark of a career politician. Where has Eric been on amnesty? He has repeatedly supported measures designed to legalize those who are here illegally. That is amnesty in the purest form.

    We must elect representatives that stand upon principle and do not waiver for political convenience. Eric Cantor seemed content to allow our military to be used as a vehicle for granting amnesty to illegal immigrants until he saw my primary challenge and principled conservatives stand on Amnesty. Conservative constituents in the District are overwhelmingly opposed to Amnesty but their voice was ignored. But for a primary challenge, Eric changes course.

    Most readers have by now confirmed that Eric’s negative ads lie about my service to the Commonwealth. Are conservatives now to believe that Eric has really changed his mind on Amnesty? Eric is losing trust across the District and that trust matters.

    We need leaders who will stand up for Virginia and for the country, no matter when the next election is. Amnesty will further weaken our labor markets, lower the wages of the working class, and take jobs away from those who have suffered over the past seven years. We are a nation of laws. illegal immigration affects our sovereignty, our national security, and our economy. It is true that we are a nation of immigrants, and legal immigrants from all over the world are welcome in America, but we are an exceptional nation in the first place precisely because we are a nation of laws.

    This comes on the heels of Eric Cantor’s sudden support for an investigation of Benghazi. He had been silent on this crucial matter for nearly two years, has not signed on to HR. 36, and was not leading as he should have until pressured into taking a stand because of my primary challenge. Judicial Watch took the true lead on this matter and Eric now has the nerve to try and take credit for their principled and determined investigation.

    If elected, I pledge to do what is right for the people of Virginia at all times, not merely when it is convenient for politics. I pledge to stand upon principle and faith and be and advocate for the people at all times. As your Congressman, I will pledge to hold regular town hall meetings, at least one every month. That is the duty I owe you as your next Representative.

    Dave Brat is a candidate for the Seventh District Republican congressional nomination.
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    The trouble with flip-flop, never know after they flip, when will they flop back over. Never give a politician more than once chance to flip or to flop. One chance to lie, and only one, it does not matter if the issue is my favorite or not, if they flip, they will do it on something else, too. Depends on where their campaign dollars are this time, I truly believe, that is why thinking non-selfish voters are priced out of the market! Politics are nothing but a damned auction now!

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    Dave Brat: Eric Cantor is pro-amnesty

    Published Wednesday, May. 28, 9:41 pm

    Eric Cantor once praised Congressman Gutiérrez for his leadership on the issue of amnesty. Congressman Gutiérrez is here to set up a great deception that will allow Eric Cantor to claim he is opposed to amnesty, at the eleventh hour, just two weeks prior to the primary on June 10th.
    Congressman Cantor has spent countless dollars claiming that I’m a “liberal college professor.” This is the act of a desperate campaign. I am more conservative than Eric Cantor across-the-board. I am the constitutional conservative in this race. Eric Cantor is trying to buy this election with corporate cash from Los Angeles and New York. He’s acting as a conservative in public while working behind the scenes to deliver open borders for large corporations.
    In fact, Eric Cantor has so little respect for his constituents; he sent them a mailer yesterday claiming to oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants. But Eric Cantor has been the number one cheerleader in Congress for Amnesty. Eric Cantor has spearheaded the amnesty push in the House.
    Eric Cantor saying he opposes amnesty is like Barack Obama saying he opposes ObamaCare.
    There is no Republican in the country that is more liberal on immigration than Eric Cantor. This race comes down to the defining issue of our time. Virginia is ground zero in the fight to protect American workers. If we want to stop amnesty, then we must stop Eric Cantor on Election Day, June 10th. People in Richmond are suffering …Small Business Owners across the District have told me that they cannot hire new employees and have to lay off their loyal workers because of regulations and Obamacare. They are seeing their wages flat-lining and are struggling to make ends meet. But what is Eric Cantor doing? He’s leading the push for more low-wage foreign workers to take Virginia jobs. He wants more guest workers, more low-wage labor. Eric Cantor wants open borders for corporations.
    Eric cantor does not represent his constituents. He represents large corporations that want more cheap labor.
    Under Eric Cantor’s watch, we are seeing thousands of American troops being laid off (including scores of soldiers in Virginia), but what is Eric Cantor’s priority? To give away those few coveted military positions to illegals rather than Americans. Does Eric Cantor think that serving in our military is just another job “Americans won’t do?”
    Eric Cantor gave a speech in 2013 in which he called for amnesty and citizenship for illegal immigrants. He said this was based on “the great founding principles of our country.” This is a radical pro-amnesty statement. In the same speech, Eric Cantor called for more guest workers – guest workers that will take jobs from struggling families right here in Virginia. Eric Cantor actually claimed that corporations were having a hard time finding workers so we needed to give them more immigrant labor. What about Virginia workers who don’t have jobs?
    Eric Cantor led the amnesty drive in the House, co-authoring the House immigration principles that included amnesty and importing more low-wage foreign workers for CEOs. If Eric Cantor is reelected, he will do everything in his power to deliver cheap labor for large corporations. Because “that” is who he represents.
    Why hasn’t Cantor signed the no-amnesty, American workers protection pledge circulated by FAIR? Because he can’t. He’s for amnesty and he’s for reducing wages. Has Eric Cantor ever met with ice officers? Has Eric Cantor ever held a press conference to talk about American workers that have suffered as a result of mass influx of low-wage foreign workers? Has Cantor ever lifted a finger to stand up for American workers that have been hurt by the Obama Administration’s lawlessness and refusal to secure the border?
    Eric Cantor doesn’t represent you and he doesn’t represent VA-7. Eric Cantor represents large corporations who want a never ending supply of cheap, low-wage foreign labor. There is no Republican in the country that is more liberal on immigration than Eric Cantor. The Chamber wants low-skilled cheap labor; Mark Zuckerberg wants high skilled cheap labor, but, at the end of the day, what they have in common is that they ALL want cheap labor & Eric Cantor wants to give it to them.
    That is why I am calling today on Eric Cantor to make public the names of all the corporate executives and lobbyists he and his staff have met with to discuss immigration. What are the names of all the corporate donors, lobbyists and CEOs who have lobbied Eric Cantor for cheap labor? Congressman Cantor: whom have you met with? Make this information public. Tell us who has been lobbying you. What do you have to hide?
    Dave Brat is a candidate for the Seventh District Republican congressional nomination.

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