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Thread: David Clarke to NewsmaxTV: Iowa Murder Was 'Avoidable'

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    David Clarke to NewsmaxTV: Iowa Murder Was 'Avoidable'

    Friday, August 24, 2018 02:25 PM
    By: Theodore Bunker

    Former Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke told Newsmax TV on Friday that the murder of Mollie Tibbetts was "avoidable," and blaming Congress for failing to act on illegal immigration.

    "In a word I can describe this as avoidable," Clarke said on "America Talks Live," one day after President Donald Trump linked her murder, allegedly committed by Mexican-native Cristhian Bahena Rivera, who is suspected of having entered the country illegally.

    "American citizens are upset that this even had to happen," Clarke continued, adding that this "speaks to our broken immigration system. It speaks to the fact that President Donald Trump is right on this with these people coming across the border, even when you catch them you can't just accept any identification that they give. And let them into the United States because you will never see them again. This guy came in apparently with fake documents that he presented to an employer. That's a common tactic used by these individuals to find work. He stalked this woman, there's no doubt about it."

    The former sheriff, who is a strong supporter of Trump and works for the pro-Trump super PAC America First Action, placed blame on Congress.

    "American citizens are being preyed upon by people who shouldn’t be in the country. If it's being politicized it’s being politicized by Congress, Congress has failed to act," he said.

    Congress has a constitutional authority on immigration and they fail to act."

    Clarke added that he’s "blaming both sides, the GOP and the [Democrats], although the GOP is in charge of Congress right now… they're both looking for political leverage, someone has to lead on this. Everyone's afraid, they approach this thing like it's the plague but the president is not a afraid because it is the president's duty to protect the American people. He has great advisors and I'm sure he got a lot of information before he made his initial statement on this horrific case."
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    Wish some Org would set up an on-line donation site where Americans could donate for the construction of the wall
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    Quote Originally Posted by grandmasmad View Post
    Wish some Org would set up an on-line donation site where Americans could donate for the construction of the wall

    Me too. Trump should set up a bank account number.

    100% pays for supplies.

    Let us go in ANY bank and make a deposit into that account.

    I do not trust GoFundMe...and they take a % of the money. They also withheld payments to somebody, forget the exact story on it.

    Let us volunteer...truckloads of people will get down there and build it for free!
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