Defend rights of true citizens

Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 09/7/07 ... 70305/1032

The immigration situation in Lakewood has finally come to a head when citizens are unable to hold a rally for fear that illegal "Latino gangs" and others might disrupt a rally by whatever means are most expedient. ("Anti-alien protest in Lakewood called off," Aug. 16.)

The Lakewood police force is too small to be able to stop a show of force so the rally leaders called it off. Legal U.S. citizens have had to abrogate their plans. Because of potential threats, Americans in their own country are held at bay by this potential band of thugs who have no right to be in our country.

Our officials should listen well to their constituents and defend the rights of the citizens.

The Lakewood problem can be solved by calling on the National Guard and the New Jersey State Police. They, with their crowd-control techniques, could surely set up a barrier between the rally and this herd of anti-Americans that might cause big trouble.

The rally should not have been canceled. Rally organizers: Don't let them remove your rights to free and peaceful assembly.

Politicians should solve this problem before it's too late, if it's not too late already.

Robert W. Andrews