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Thread: Delaying the end of DACA is 'Republican suicide'

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    Delaying the end of DACA is 'Republican suicide'

    GOP rep: Delaying the end of DACA is 'Republican suicide'

    09/03/17 10:33 PM EDT

    Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) on Sunday said it would be "Republican suicide" if President Trump followed through on a report that he was planning to end DACA with a six-month delay, insisting that the program instead needed to be ended immediately.

    “Ending DACA now gives chance [to] restore Rule of Law. Delaying so [Republican] Leadership can push Amnesty is Republican suicide,” King tweeted.

    Steve King @SteveKingIA
    Ending DACA now gives chance 2 restore Rule of Law. Delaying so R Leadership can push Amnesty is Republican suicide.
    5:55 PM - Sep 3, 2017

    Trump has decided to end DACA, with 6-month delay

    Senior White House aides met Sunday afternoon to discuss how to roll out the controversial move affecting hundreds of thousands of Dreamers.

    reported earlier Sunday that Trump was planning on ending the program with a six-month delay. DACA was designed to protect undocumented immigrants who were brought into the U.S. as minors.

    GOP lawmakers had been pushing Trump to keep the protections in place, including Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who came out against ending the program in an interview last week.

    The six-month window would give Congress the chance to step in before the program was terminated, but means Republicans would have to pass immigration legislation before then — an area GOP leaders have struggled to reach consensus on in the past.
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    I agree with Representative King to the extent that the program itself needs to end in full including revocation of work permits on Tuesday. I have no problem with a 6 month delay on deportations of non-high priority persons, but the end of the program needs to wrap up with the expiration on Tuesday simultaneously with the dismissal of the Texas lawsuit. This ends the illegality, unfair competition with American Workers, and restores the rule of law, sending important messages to other illegal aliens and those continuing to cross our borders illegally.

    It doesn't matter who an illegal alien is, good, bad or otherwise, it doesn't matter what age they came here, it doesn't matter how long they've been here, it doesn't matter what they've done since they arrived here, it doesn't matter whether their rotten parents brought them here or they were smuggled in by drug cartels, they are illegal aliens and as such, they need to depart our nation.

    We have over 300 million people in this country who both need and deserve our attention, illegal aliens do not. Occupying our news, political systems, work places, housing areas, shopping arenas, welfare offices, it's all wrong. DACA's must be deported along with all other illegal aliens.
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    No six month window.

    They knew 8 months ago this was going to expire, they did nothing about it...but continue to kick the can down the road.

    Give them 90 days to transition out of our Country and let their President place them in jobs and schools. They should contribute to the success of THEIR country. Not keep fleeing.

    As of January 1, get caught you get deported with NO chance to come back.

    How do they let DACA stay? Then the illegal parents stay and the rest of their illegal family. Deport them all.

    No amnesty, no path to stay...they just keep coming and we go round and round with this mess!!!
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    Americans Last: Will Trump Break another campaign promise tomorrow?

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