Democrat Tim Ryan Refuses to Commit to Opposing Illegal Alien Voting


Ratje/Bloomberg/Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

JOHN BINDER27 Oct 2022

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), running against Republican J.D. Vance for the state’s open United States Senate seat, is still refusing to commit to supporting a statewide ballot initiative that would add a prohibition on illegal aliens voting to the Ohio Constitution.

In addition to the Senate race, Ohio voters will decide the fate of two statewide ballot initiatives.

One would add a prohibition on illegal aliens voting in local, state, and federal elections to the Ohio Constitution, while the other would make it easier for judges to set higher bail for criminal suspects.

On both initiatives, Ryan is refusing to say how he will vote, according to

As he has in recent weeks when asked about either ballot issue, Ryan said following a campaign stop on Tuesday that he still has not yet reviewed them. He said his staff is collecting information on both measures, and that he also plans to talk it over with his wife, Andrea. [Emphasis added]

“I haven’t read them. I want to read them and dig into them before I make a decision,” Ryan said. [Emphasis added]

Meanwhile, Vance said he supports both “commonsense” initiatives. Even the Democrat gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley, running against Gov. Mike DeWine (R), has said she will support both initiatives.

As Breitbart News reported, Ryan opposed an amendment to clarify that federal law prohibits illegal aliens from voting in United States elections. In March 2019, while supporting a Democrat effort to federalize U.S. elections, Ryan voted down an amendment that would have made clear that illegal aliens are prohibited from voting.