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Thread: Democrats Lie, Illegals Fly: New CA Licenses Accepted by TSA

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    Democrats Lie, Illegals Fly: New CA Licenses Accepted by TSA

    by Assemblyman Tim Donnelly
    29 Jan 2015

    It turns out illegal aliens can use their “Federally-Restricted” Drivers Licenses to board airplanes, according to an internal Security Memo leaked to the public, which has been confirmed as authentic by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Spokesman Nico Melendez.

    When the California State Assembly passed AB60 in 2013 to provide licenses to illegal aliens, Asm. Luis Alejo (D-Salinas) assured everyone that it could never be used to board a plane.

    The bill, which passed both houses and was signed into law last year, merely sent guidelines to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to create a new driver’s license that would allow illegal aliens to drive to work, but AB60 proponents assured everyone that it would not authorize illegals to board an airplane, as KCRA noted:

    The new license is expected to look somewhat different than those issued to documented drivers.

    While many argue against that, Alejo said the license has to look different to comply with federal law, which does not allow undocumented residents to use the license to board a plane.

    “That’s why were able to get Republicans to support this bill, we were able to get police chiefs to endorse this bill,” Alejo said. “Because we crafted language in the bill to address those concerns.”

    It turns out he lied.

    Knowing Republican Senators Andy Vidak and Anthony Cannella, and Assemblymen Katcho Achadjian and Jeff Gorrell, all of whom voted for AB60, I’m confident that if they’d known their vote would put national security at risk, they never would have supported the bill.

    If Alejo had told the truth, the bill might have died. After all, two of the terrorists who hijacked a plane on 9/11 had California Driver Licenses. But we had no idea who they really were–and now we will be making it easier for unknown persons with easily forged documents to obtain a gateway identification that will grant them free access throughout our country.

    Breitbart California carried a story in November chronicling the FBI’s serious concerns about the validity of the documents that are now being accepted to obtain the AB60 license. With the rise in terrorist attacks all over the globe by multiple Islamic extremist groups–including ISIS, Hezbollah and Hamas–it is likely that the United States is high on their target list.

    Now, crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, obtaining false documents on which to base your AB60 driver’s license, and boarding a plane with intent to kill are no longer a dream: they are a highly possible nightmare scenario, putting our national security at risk in order to appease illegal aliens and those who profit off them.

    So many Californians have already paid with their lives at the hands of unsafe drivers who are illegally present in California, and now we, the people, will pay the consequences of this latest breach in public safety–unless the TSA changes its policy.

    Each AB60 California Driver License bears the message at the top right: “Federal Limits Apply.”

    In reality, no limits apply, as you can see in a TSA memo published by

    The memo states:

    At this time, TSA accepts both compliant and non-compliant driver’s licenses and state-issued IDs. When an individual presents a driver’s license or state-issued ID with ‘not for official purposes,’ ‘not for federal use,’ or similar language imprinted, the TDC officer must accept the ID using the procedure in Section 3.2. In the future, TSA will implement a plan to fully endorse the REAL ID Act, including changing the procedure as to these licenses. [original emphasis]

    This was bad policy when it was proposed, but the Politically Correct Police even convinced a few Republicans to vote for it in the name of public safety.

    Now, after two California police officers were killed by an illegal alien with a fraudulent driver’s license from Utah, we know the policy is a public menace. Even the liberal state of Oregon rejected this dangerous policy.

    The next time you are standing in one of those impossibly long TSA lines, remember that the person next to you could be holding a driver’s license that allows them on the same plane, even though no one will know the true identity of that individual until it’s too late. Until they commit a crime, kill two cops or, God forbid, hijack a plane, a small percentage of these unknown persons will continue to plot evil with the complicity of our government.

    And then our government will take away even more freedoms from the law-abiding–while exempting the illegals, just as they often do.

    Businessman Glenn Atkinson came here the right way—he immigrated legally, respected our laws, paid all the fees and did all the necessary paperwork–but because our government is so busy handing out benefits and documents to illegals, he is being denied a driver’s license and work authorization. It’s enough to discourage those who want to do things the right way!

    Handing out a gateway identification such as a California Driver License is a bad idea when there are evil people just waiting to exploit the loopholes, like the one TSA just created.

    This unholy alliance between federal policy and the agenda of the Sacramento Marxist progressives who have granted illegals in California a sort of supra-citizenship–one new legislatively-mandated benefit or exemption after another–has undermined, not strengthened, public safety.

    I warned about these dangers repeatedly, and now our worst fears are confirmed.

    I have but one thing to say to the author of the bill, Assemblyman Luis Alejo; and to all those who voted for it; and to Governor Jerry Brown, who signed it:

    “When you said it couldn’t be used to board a plane, you lie—and people could die!”
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    See, the truth is coming out about all these people who support illegal aliens and illegal immigration. They're liars, deceivers, manipulators, and they're on the take. No one in their right mind or of sound mind would give any illegal alien any type of license, let alone a driver's license. You would instead report them and have them deported. So politicians who do otherwise are, yep, you got it, on the take with the drug cartels. There is no other explanation. None.
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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