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    DENVER - State Lawmakers To Debate Tuition For Illegal Immigrants

    State Lawmakers To Debate Tuition Prices For Illegal Immigrants

    Senate Bill 15 Allows For Separate Tuition Category The Denver channel
    Posted by: Deb Stanley POSTED: 7:27 am MST January 26, 2012 UPDATED: 7:54 am MST January 26, 2012

    DENVER -- Lawmakers are debating whether illegal immigrants who graduate from Colorado high schools should qualify for college tuition that's lower than the out-of-state amount.

    A Senate committee led by Democrats will hear the proposal Thursday and decide whether it should move forward. The bill would create a separate tuition category that is a bit higher than in-state tuition but lower than out-of-state tuition.

    Illegal immigrant students would qualify if they sign an affidavit saying they are seeking legal status and they graduated from a state school after attending for at least three years.

    The bill gives colleges the ability to opt out of creating the separate tuition category. Senate Bill 15 is expected to have a hard time in the Republican-controlled House if it reaches there.

    This is the sixth time state lawmakers have tried to make college more affordable to illegal immigrants, who don't qualify for the less-expensive in-state tuition. Out-of-state tuition can be up to five times higher, and supporters said that's an obstacle many college-bound illegal immigrants raised in the U.S. can't overcome.

    Democratic Sen. Michael Johnston, a sponsor of the legislation, said an estimated 300 to 500 students would benefit from the bill, and colleges could take in $2 million in tuition revenue as a result.

    Thirteen states -- including Texas, California, Illinois and Connecticut -- have passed legislation granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrant students, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

    Source: State Lawmakers To Debate Tuition Prices For Illegal Immigrants - Denver News Story - KMGH Denver
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    RED ALERT FOR COLORADO! ALIPACers please respond

    I just got a disturbing call out of CO.

    Im told they are pushing for a vote on in-state tuition for illegals in CO and that NumbersUSA just did an alert on this.

    This bodes ill because last time ALIPAC was active in CO and we defeated in-state there as we did in 19 other states.

    Many times when ALPAC is not engaged, the illegals win in stead of us!

    Someone please post the info on what is happening in CO and get some number links here on the boards and let us put a team together here online today to go after CO right away!

    As you can see, our national energies today have already been spent trying to keep Google, Youtube, and illegal alien supporting hackers from silencing us on the web instead of fighting for or against legislation.

    U.S. Constitution - Article IV, Section 4: GUARANTEES AMERICA FROM INVASION!

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    SB12-015 Creating Optional Category Of Higher Ed Tuition

    is the Senate Bill in question. I do not see a corresponding House Bill.
    One man's terrorist is another man's undocumented worker.

    Unless we enforce laws against illegal aliens today,
    tomorrow WE may wake up as illegals.

    The last word: illegal aliens are ILLEGAL!

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