DEPORTED: Trio of drunken vagrants who plagued Wisbech with their anti-social behaviour

Story by: ROB SETCHELL, Reporter Thursday, January 17, 2013
1:01 PM

THREE vagrants who have plagued Wisbech with their drunken, violent and anti-social behaviour have been deported.

"There are always a few bad apples. This case demonstrates our ability to pick them out of the barrel and deal with them appropriately."

Inspector Robin Sissons

Juris Dragancuks, Liudas Narbutas and Dainius Genulevicius were sent back to Lithuania by the UK Border Agency after police demonstrated how the trio had tormented a Fenland community.

Dragancuks, who repeatedly breached his anti-social behaviour order, had committed more than 20 offences since arriving in the country in 2008. His crimes included street-drinking, shoplifting, abusing members of the public and, on one occasion, head-butting a police car.

Genulevicius had been arrested 18 times for shoplifting and alcohol-related offences in Wisbech.

Fenland Inspector Robin Sissons said deportation came as a surprise to the third man, Narbutas, who had to be accompanied onto the plane by bodyguards.

UKBA working with police

lA UKBA spokesman said: “We are working closely with Cambridgeshire Constabulary and other agencies to deal with the challenges presented by rough sleeping and anti-social behaviour in the area.

“Where foreign nationals with no permission to be in the UK are involved, and where they refuse to return home voluntarily, we will take action to remove them.

“This includes those from within the European Economic Area who have been in the country for longer than three months and are not working, studying or self-sufficient, as required by EU law.

“Wherever issues with rough sleeping are raised with the UK Border Agency, we will liaise with the police and local authorities to address these problems.”

“It was a bit of a shock to him as he did not want to leave,” said Insp Sissons.
“However our case was so strong that UKBA insisted on his repatriation and it meant that two bodyguards escorted him onto the plane.”

Police worked with officers from Fenland District Council in order to secure the deportation orders.

Insp Sissons said: “For months now, we have been highlighting the issue of street drinking that occurs amongst the alleyways of Wisbech.

“When on foot patrol I am always approached by members of the community asking and challenging me to do something about it.

“I have to say that I am in full agreement – nobody wants to see empty cans thrown everywhere, areas smelling of urine and, worse still, human poo covered by small scraps of paper.

“My officers have been working hard in an attempt to educate the offenders and in some cases this works. However there are times when enforcement is needed and this is when we look to our colleagues at the UKBA.”

A fourth man, Grezegorz Rusynski, was refused entry to the country when he tried to return to the Fens.

Immigration officers stopped him on a coach at the Channel Tunnel and, after reading recommendations to deport from Cambridgeshire Police, he was sent back to France.

Insp Sissons said: “We are lucky in Fenland that we have a huge number of people that have come from foreign lands and want to make their home here.

“They are hard-working, law-abiding and make a positive contribution to our communities.

“However there are always a few bad apples. This demonstrates our ability to pick these out of the barrel and deal with them appropriately.” ech_with_their_anti_social_behaviour_1_1796576