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Published: March 03, 2007 10:22 pm

Donít reward illegals

Whatís wrong with this picture?

It is my understanding Oklahoma is one of the states that allows illegal immigrants and/or their children to go to our universities, while paying no state tuition costs, while American citizens from other states must pay out of state tuition costs!

Now I hear Bank of America is going to issue credit cards to illegals with only a federal tax ID number to use for identification. I would be interested to know the last time an American citizen was issued a credit card with that limited amount of identification.

In my opinion, our federal government (the Bush administration and the Democratic controlled Congress) have no intention of controlling our borders. My question is, how much longer can we continue with uncontrolled illegal immigration and keep this country as we know it?

In my opinion we are rewarding illegal immigrants by making it so easy for them to live, work, and obtain social services. These benefits are for American citizens and immigrants who come here legally. Thank you.