Donít Watch This Video Unless Youíre Mentally Prepared to View the Level of Hatred Towards White Americans from those Coming Across U.S. Border (SHOCKING VIDEO)

By Eric Odom
1212:18 pm
July 22, 2014

There is no question most legal immigrants, and even some illegal aliens do not harbor a hateful view of America. Specifically, white America. Unfortunately, there is also no question there is a new level of hatred gaining significant momentum among many of the hardest individuals Obama is allowing to illegal come to America.

The following video shows U.S. flag burning, the flag being stomped on, racists rants against white Americans and generally downright hateful rallies against America as a whole.

This is scary stuff. This is essentially verbal acts of war. And the fed is aiding all of it.

WARNING: Very strong language. Be advised.


This video was taken in 2012 in Los Angeles -
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