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    By: Devvy
    February 29, 2016

    Today, one more day was added to February in what is referred to as a 'leap' year. In simple terms it's about the solar system's disparity with the Gregorian calendar. Will Donald Trump leap into the White House?

    On the presidential race front this looks to be one disgusting, reprehensible exhibition of how the Republican Party machine and it's useful fools are going all out to destroy a qualified candidate in favor of constitutionally ineligible candidates (Cruz & rubio) and eligible ones who have dropped out; Bush, Christie, etc.

    "The scenario Karl Rove outlined was bleak. Addressing a luncheon of Republican governors and donors in Washington on Feb. 19, he warned that Donald J. Trump's increasingly likely nomination would be catastrophic, dooming the party in November. But Mr. Rove, the master strategist of George W. Bush's campaigns, insisted it was not too late for them to stop Mr. Trump, according to three people present.

    "At a meeting of Republican governors the next morning, Paul R. LePage of Maine called for action. Seated at a long boardroom table at the Willard Hotel, he erupted in frustration over the state of the 2016 race, saying Mr. Trump's nomination would deeply wound the Republican Party. Mr. LePage urged the governors to draft an open letter “to the people,” disavowing Mr. Trump and his divisive brand of politics."

    Really, Gov'nr LePage? What a difference a week makes: Maine Gov. Paul LePage endorses Trump for president, February 26, 2016. "I was Donald Trump before Donald Trump became popular. So I think I should support him since we're one of the same cloth," said LePage, an outspoken politician whose comments have often thrown him in the spotlight -- just like Trump."

    So, Gov, Trump's nomination would 'deeply wound' the Republican Party, yet only a week later you said you and Trump are 'one of the same cloth'. One week you disavow Trump's divisive brand of politics and the next week you endorse him.
    "Insiders who were at a recent meeting between the Koch Bros. and Marco Rubio leaked intel on how exactly they're going to try and steal the election from Donald Trump, GOP strategist Roger Stone revealed. The Koch Bros. met with GOP millionaires and billionaires Thursday night to pool together over $75 million to stop Trump and are going to use Mitt Romney as ‘Plan B’ if Rubio fails to gain traction on Super Tuesday, according to moles who were inside the meeting...

    “$75 million to stop Trump and $25 million to Marco Rubio, but they gave Rubio a condition: he's got to win the Florida primary or he's out and Mitt Romney’s in,” Stone revealed. “That's the plan.”

    NY Times Bombshell Scoop: FOX News Colluded with Rubio to Give Amnesty to Illegal Aliens… ‘Confidential’ Conversations Reveal Murdoch, Ailes, Schumer, Rubio Agreed to ‘Truce’… Hannity, O’Reilly ‘Supportive’ (Do see the photo of porn king, Rupert Murdoch, giving the finger).
    Now why would anyone be surprised about Limbaugh's role in this? Remember: Newt Get-rich and Rush Limbaugh together pushed like a 50' tsunami to get NAFTA passed. They succeeded and millions of Americans lost good paying jobs; long term job security went south of the border while Newt and Limbaugh laughed all the way to the bank.

    Jeb! was the establishment globalist who failed miserably for a $125 million dollar investment. 'Lower tier' candidates like Santorum, Huckabee, Fiorina were never a factor despite their hard work. It's who is behind the curtain that controls the herds. Rubio is a globalist and touted like Jeb! a 'conservative'. Ted Cruz who lies out of both sides of his mouth is also touted as 'the' conservative of the millinium. Kelleigh Nelson has done a superb job in chronicling Ted Cruz and his connections.

    A dear friend of mine for more than 16 years was mulling over the phony 'conservative' label bandied about by GOP elites and their minions. If you look at Jeb!, Rubio, Cruz and even Kasich, my friend believes conservative to them is really globalist but they don't dare say it. Jeb's brother and father were dirty traitors to this republic with their drive for one world government and endless wars based on lies. Globalists masquerading as conservatives who sold us down the river and there's been rivers of American blood spilled in Iraq and Afghanistan because of their lies.

    Another stinking globalist no constitutionalist or even sincere conservative would ever want Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House. Ryan's election as Speaker following the exit of Johnny Wino Boehner was a direct slap in the face for Republicans who do know the agenda of the Paul Ryan's in the U.S. Congress: globalism and the complete destruction of the middle class, America's sovereignty and continued ownership by mega corporations.
    Republican Race Puts Donald Trump and Paul Ryan on Collision Course. While that piece in the NY Times is poorly written, it does cover some of the battles Trump will face if he becomes our next legal president. Of course, the big if: Will Paul Ryan win his primary via vote fraud on April 5, 2016. Voters in Ryan's district were determined to boot him out of office for his betrayal on the budget and illegals, but unfortunately not a single qualified Republican in Ryan's district stepped up to the plate. Support by the herds apparently was just too much.

    U.S. CONGRESS - District 1:
    Paul Ryan (R)* - (House Speaker Site) - (Campaign Site)
    Tom Breu (D) - Engineer & Teacher
    Ryan Solen (D) - Computer Security Professional & Army Veteran
    Jason Lebeck (Libertarian) - Computer Technician
    John Eleniewski (AFP) - Tea Party Activist & '08 State Rep. Candidate in Michigan
    Jason Kraayvanger (Independent).

    Paul Ryan has more than $4 million bux in his campaign coffers. If I were in that district I would vote for John Eleniewski who is up against low information voters who fall right into Sun Tzu's trap: Make your enemy believe killing them is a good idea. Here's one person's post (The Paul Ryan Primary Fool's Errand) in Ryan's district: "Any Republican who attempts to unseat Paul Ryan is a fool. My Congressmen is one of the finest men on the planet, and his conservative credentials are well established. Ryan's role in GOP politics this year will be of the utmost importance. Let us do what we can to distance ourselves from attacks on Wisconsin's most important national figure; a man who, perhaps one day, will live in the White House himself." Here's what that supporter is blind to or actually supports:

    "Ryan's bill provided funding for sanctuary cities, illegal alien resettlement, illegal alien tax credits, and visa issuances to nearly 300,000 (temporary and permanent) Muslim migrants over the next 12 months alone. The bill also funded an expansion of the highly controversial H-2B foreign worker program, which Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said violated Ryan's “promise not to bring major immigration legislation to the floor this year.”

    "The H-2B foreign worker program imports low-wage laborers into the country to take American jobs in maintenance, theme parks, construction, food processing, restaurants, and hospitality– meaning that Ryan's Speakership and immigration policies have already resulted in the GOP’s own constituency, along with workers nationwide, losing their livelihoods and ability to support their families.

    Yes, those 'conservative' credentials of Ryan's support of liars, cheats and thieves, illegal aliens, to remain in this country and passing more budgets killing the middle class is good enough for those too blind to see. Eleniewski has covered Ryan's treachery on his web site linked above.

    Trey Gowdy became a congressional folk hero a couple years ago by heading up the Benghazi committee. You remember that one where Hillary the Hun ran circles around Gowdy. See this column: Blood at Benghazi - It Drips From Hillary's Hands. Gowdy has endorsed bubble boy, Marco Rubio. Gowdy doesn't give a damn Rubio is absolutely constitutionally ineligible to run. Gowdy's support for that lying little Dweeb means he also supports Rubio's efforts for full blown amnesty for those who sneak into OUR country. Unfortunately, it appears that like Paul Ryan, Gowdy has no Republican challenger and will walk right back to his seat in the House.

    The jellyfish who represented my district is retiring; in five elections I have always voted for his challenger. In early voting last week I voted for Dr. Donald May for Congress for my district. What about your incumbent? You already know how I feel: Not one of those corporate whores deserves another term in Congress. Not the 60+ tea party candidates ushered in a few years ago; the first thing they did was cave on the debt ceiling. None of them. Paul Ryan and his bullsh*t budgets that are nothing more than Band Aids:

    "Last Tuesday history was made in many races. The shellacking given the Democratic/Communist Party USA was long over due; millions of Americans are ecstatic. But, ah, yes, there is always a "but" - those who expect certain cancers to be cured simply because the Outlaw Congress is now controlled by Republicans are going to be crushed when it doesn't happen and it won't based on the past actions of the incumbents now reelected and newly elected candidates who ran on the standard boiler plate smaller government, lower taxes, stop Obamacare. The same incumbents who will keep us in more undeclared wars, operations or occupations further bankrupting we the people.

    "Americans just reelected the very same people who have destroyed this country because it was time to punish the Democrats and "I would never vote for a Democrat". The very same incumbents who have allowed a criminal impostor to usurp the office of president. The very same incumbents who refuse to refer rock solid evidence to a federal grand jury proving Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Obama, Barry Dunham,
    Barack Dunham presented a poorly forged birth certificate to verify his alleged birth place (which is not the issue - he was born with dual citizenship making him forever ineligible), is using a stolen social security number and submitted a poorly forged selective service card which is a federal felony barring that individual to every work for the U.S. government including the Executive Branch.

    "The very same incumbents who have destroyed YOUR God-given rights as defined in the Bill of Rights: the "Patriot" Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, the NDAA, continued spying on us by the NSA and a lot more. The very same incumbents who have allowed the insane waste of YOUR tax dollars to be spent on thousands of projects that have zero constitutional authority to the tune of hundreds of billions of BORROWED dollars. The very same incumbents who continue to steal from we the people for unconstitutional expenditures like foreign aid and trillions of BORROWED dollars for social programs from unconstitutional cabinets like DHS (Dept of Health and Human Services). The list goes on. But, it really was all over with the primaries."

    What did I say in the column above? "... those who expect certain cancers to be cured simply because the Outlaw Congress is now controlled by Republicans are going to be crushed when it doesn't happen and it won't ..." Obama's massive, unconstitutional, traitorous budget bill was passed by Paul Ryan cracking the whip over wimps. Since being sworn into office in January 2015 have we seen anything out of the Congress addressing constitutional solutions? No, and we won't which is why booting every single incumbent in the U.S. House and the 1/3rd U.S. Senators unlawfully up for reelection out should be a top priority in the primaries.

    Out the door.
    'Traitors' who voted for Ryan's omnibus 'need to go'"About 100 of the 150 lawmakers were already targeted for defeat by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, or ALIPAC, part of its “Cantor list of amnesty supporting Republicans.” If you live in Rep. John Cullberson's district, please get out and vote tomorrow for Maria Espinosa. Help her defeat Culberson who is on ALIPACs list. Get out the vote!What do you think will happen if Donald Trump becomes president and he has to go up against a Congress that hates him - with a few exceptions who have endorsed him (Rep. Duncan Hunter, Sen. Jeff Sessions)?

    I can tell you right now with Paul Ryan and McConnell heading up the two bodies in the legislative branch they will do everything in their power to block and destroy President Trump. Those two scum bags will do everything they can to block Trump from getting rid of all the destructive "free" trade treaties and agreements to judicial nominations. Mark my words. I've been at this full time for 26 years. I know how their toxic game is played.

    Think Donald Trump will take it lying down or roll over like a pansy like Mittens Romney would do? I don't think so. Not the king of deal makers and someone who actually has a work ethic, who loves this country and isn't for sale to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Mark Zuckerberg (billionaire owner of Facebook) and other corporate giants. In case you missed it: Donald Trump: I’ll Prosecute Hillary Clinton as President. That alone should get him an exta 5 million votes. Hoorah!

    Tomorrow is 'Super Tuesday'. Our future depends on voting out as many incumbents in Congress as we can. Incumbents who have sold us out and will continue to do so while repeating the same phony mantra they are a conservative with conservative values. Horse manure. All every damn incumbent in Congress is conserving is the road to our destruction. Every member of Congress - except the few who have tried - are guilty of allowing the mass invasion across our Southern border all these years. An invasion that has brought unbelieveable heart break to families of loved ones killed by illegals and the financial destruction to this country.

    This is our country. It doesn't belong to illegal aliens regardless of country of origin. It doesn't belong to globalists who care nothing for the founding of this country, our culture, our sovereignty or anything else. The only thing they care about is money and power. Donald Trump has become the people's microphone (I forget who first said that) and we the people can exercise our power over those who have sold us out at the ballot box.

    A word from someone who has been the victim of vote fraud, that would be me. Single state primaries are hard to rig, but throwing 13 states (Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming and one territory, American Samoa) into the pot at once is ripe for fraud:

    "From my Blind Loyalty booklet of nothing but vote fraud, check these winners/losers that night (primary March 26, 1996): 85-15, 81-18, 85-15,
    81-18, 85-15, 86-14, 87-13, 81-18 and 81-14 which was my race. Those were the results for incumbents vs challengers for the U.S. House throughout the state. Every incumbent voted for NAFTA; all challengers including me were opposed. Wonder why we allegedly lost? Those house seats were scattered all over the state of California. Unless you're specifically looking at a particular race, in a state the size of California or Texas, people don't put together the pattern, but it sure as hell is there and I'm looking at it tonight."

    Yes, all the columns below are mine. Other than a small percentage of warriors, voters across this country and candidates don't seem to care because little to no effort has been made to get rid of ALL electronic forms of voting and that includes the Internet, stop voter registration by mail via a motor vehicle department and put a cap on absentee ballots because they breed fraud.

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