Presidential hopeful and billionaire businessman Donald Trump stirred up controversy this week by inelegantly proposing a temporary halt to Muslim immigration into this country in order for the

government to shore up the vetting process to keep out security threats.

Of course, liberals, the media and the political establishment have all had a conniption fit and have twisted Trump’s comments out of context, implying that he sought to ban all Muslims from America, an absurd proposition.

But the American people in general have a favorable view of Trump’s proposal to temporarily halt most immigration into the country, fearing the many threats of violence coming from certain corners

of the Muslim community both at home and abroad.

Enter Ebou Bah, a self-proclaimed Muslim, recently posted a video to YouTube issuing his “rebuttal” to Trump over his plan to halt Muslim immigration, which for all intents and purposes actually

proved Trump’s point about some Muslim immigrants.

Bah’s video was little more than a two-minute obscenity-laced tirade against the Republican candidate, in which he waved around a pair of cheap kitchen knives and threatened to “circumcise” Trump.

In the middle of cursing profusely and leveling violent threats against both Trump and his family, Bah took a moment to mention that Trump was not a respectful person and had no manners, before

Bah himself calls both Trump and his parents a “p****” and “bastards.”

Bah ended his rant with a string of expletives, including calling Trump a racist bigot, before signing off with “F*** you, whitey!” The irony of his apparently ignorant hypocrisy would be funny if it we’re so offensive.

Here’s the video, but again, the language is extremely graphic:

VIDEO: Donald Trump Pushes Anti-Muslim Plan... Angry Muslim Gives A Proper "Islamic" Response