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Thread: Donald Trump Suggests George Bush Failed to Stop 9/11 Attacks

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    Donald Trump Suggests George Bush Failed to Stop 9/11 Attacks

    Donald Trump Suggests George Bush Failed to Stop 9/11 Attacks
    4:15 pm ET By Alan Rappeport

    Conservatives have criticized Donald J. Trump for expressing liberal views on health care, abortion and taxing the rich. On Friday, Mr. Trump, who is leading most Republican presidential polls, offered his rivals another reason why he might not really be one of them when he suggested that former President George W. Bush had failed to stop the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

    In an interview with Bloomberg, Mr. Trump was asked how he would demonstrate compassion during a crisis such as a hurricane or attacks on the World Trade Center. Saying that he has more heart and is more competent than the leaders who dealt with those tragedies, Mr. Trump then criticized the former president.

    “When you talk about George Bush, I mean, say what you want, the World Trade Center came down during his time,” Mr. Trump said.

    Blaming 9/11 on Mr. Bush is taboo for Republicans and has largely been off-limits for Democrats. Pressed on whether he really meant to blame the attacks on Mr. Bush, the billionaire developer did not back down.

    “He was president, O.K.?,” Mr. Trump said. “The World Trade Center came down during his reign.”

    Mr Trump has been fiercely critical in recent months of Jeb Bush, who is also seeking the Republican presidential nomination, and in the process has levied attacks on his brother, the former president. At a Republican debate last month, Mr. Trump blamed Mr. Bush’s presidency for helping to elect President Obama.

    “Your brother’s administration gave us Barack Obama, because it was such a disaster, those last three months, that Abraham Lincoln couldn’t have been elected,” Mr. Trump said.

    Jeb Bush, a former Florida governor, defended his brother’s performance, saying he kept the country safe. Mr. Trump rebutted that he did not feel so safe.

    While many Republicans have kept their distance from George W. Bush since he left office, the former president’s popularity has improved over the years. The harsh criticism of his legacy from Mr. Trump could cause blowback from Republicans who think of the former president fondly or consider it unfair to argue that he could have stopped the attacks.

    Representative Peter King, Republican of New York, came to Mr. Bush’s defense on Friday and said that no one saw the attacks of Sept. 11 coming and that blaming the former president was a cheap shot.

    “I think Donald Trump is totally wrong there,” Mr. King said on Fox Radio. “That sounds like a Michael Moore talking point.”

    Jeb Bush on Friday called Mr. Trump “pathetic” for daring to attack his brother in such a way.
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    Oh my God, FINALLY someone had the balls to say it! GO TRUMP!!!

    You damn right it happened on his watch. But don't leave Bill Clinton out of the mix either. They were both responsible. Clinton gave these killers visas and Bush failed to get them out when their visas expired. These killers were foreigners admitted into our country by the Executive Branch under Clinton, and then most of their visas had expired and Bush's administration didn't get them out. 15 of the 19 hijuackers were from Saudi Arabia. Bush fllies Osama bin Laden's family out but couldn't figure out how to round up and deport illegal aliens.

    And not only that, Bush as Commander in Chief had NORAD responsibility. What did NORAD do to stop 4 hijackd planes? Not a damn thing. Then why have NORAD to begin with? Why wasn't the order given to take them down? That's what you're supposed to do, as awful as it is, not doing so is far far worse. Hell they didn't even scramble F-16's from Norad to flag them down or fly beside them and give them warnings. NORAD did nothing except 1 or 2 Natrional Guard airmen were deployed, and then diverted out to sea.

    Well, where does the "buck" stop? When it's the Executive Branch, that buck stops at the desk of the President of the United States and that was George W Bush.

    No, Jeb, your brother didn't keep us "safe". He failed to stop four planes that were hijacked by terrorists that brought down the Trade Centers and did enormous damage to the Pentagon. Something happened to the plane in Pennsylvania, but no one is sure what that was exactly, or the US Capitol would have probably been next.

    When NORAD is waiting for an order to destroy the planes and that order isn't given because Bush is out of pocket down in Florida reading to 3 graders, then that buck without question falls on the head of GW Bush.

    "kept us safe"? Kept who safe? He didn't keep the people on those planes safe. He didn't keep the 3000 people who died in the towers safe. He didn't keep the 300 people killed in the Pentagon safe. He didn't keep our troops safe when they invaded Afghanistan and Iraq over 9/11 when there wasn't ONE Afghan or Iraqi involved in 9/11.

    And it's no surprise of course that security of the World Trade Centers was the responsibility of Jeb's and GW's brother, Marvin Bush, who was Director of the company, Statesec that handled WTC security from 1993 until the day the Towers came down in 2000.

    I'm not saying Bush was involved in it, I'm just agreeing with Trump that the Towers came down on 9/11 under his watch, NORAD failed to find or stop 3 of the 4 hijacked planes from meeting their targets with ample warning to do so.

    I adore a man who isn't afraid to tell it like it is. We are long over-due for that, because it is a fact that Bush Two failed to stop the 9/11 attacks.
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    What did Clinton do all the way from the 1993 WTC bombing until he left. He attacked the anti Muslim faction in Serbia, is about it.
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