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    Dream Act path to citizenship

    More MSM pro-illegal and amnesty babble:

    Dream Act path to citizenship ... hp?id=4073

    The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, or DREAM Act, will soon make its way to the floor of the U.S. House for the fourth time.

    The DREAM Act would give the children of illegal immigrants temporary citizenship for six years. During this time they would be able to get federal loans for college, work legally, get a license to drive a car and travel outside the country for limited amounts of time. The requirements for children who want the benefits of the Act are suitably strict.

    Applicants must have been brought here by their parents at an age younger than 16, when they could not reasonably be expected to stay behind. Applicants must have been residing in-country for at least five years, and have a diploma or a GED. Applicants must have a clean criminal record, and any drug convictions will result in immediate rejection from the program.

    During their six year window of citizenship, the kids are required to go to college or serve in the military for at least two years. If they choose to go to a four-year college, they must prove they’re working toward a four-year degree. Again, any criminal convictions, especially drug convictions, will merit immediate rejection from the program, and the risk of deportation.

    Opposition has claimed the bill is unfair to families with children who have migrated to this country legally, and absorbed financial losses to do so. However, this argument makes it seem like the bill is aimed at the parents of illegal children, and this is not the case.

    Opposition to the bill is not relegated to Congress. Large groups of Hispanic-Americans oppose the bill, including “You Don’t Speak for Me,
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    Dream On Act... or the "Keep on Dreaming act"

    they have the right name for it ... but maybe it should have been called the DREAM ON ACT.

    Politicians.... I hope you are listening. We are coming for your broke back AS_ on the next election if not by recall first
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    start calling and shut this down.

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