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Thread: Eric Cantor: Anger Fueling ‘Salesman’ Donald Trump

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    Eric Cantor: Anger Fueling ‘Salesman’ Donald Trump

    by Alex Swoyer
    22 Oct 2015
    Washington, DC

    Ex-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor – swept out by the Tea Party-backed Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) – is now on the attack against it and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, saying voters have an unrealistic expectation from a Republican majority in Congress and Trump is “absolutely not” a credible presidential nominee for the GOP.

    “Here’s where I think a lot of the anger and furry is coming from, go back to what I said before that somewhere along the line expectations became Republicans with the majority in the House could somehow change the law without having the president agree to their demands,” Cantor said in an interview with HARDtalk’s Stephen Sackur.

    “This is when the so-called radicals were out there demanding a shutdown, or default in the federal debt, and so if Republicans are seen and portrayed to have not delivered on what they said they would have, which is again an untrue statement, then Donald Trump is an outsider along with Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson – they’re outsiders,” Cantor said, in trying to reason why the outsiders are resignation with voters.

    “Somebody like Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina, they’ll say, ‘well, it wasn’t me,’ so they go in and benefit,” Cantor added.

    “He is an unbelievable marketer,” Cantor said of Trump, calling him a salesman.

    But, if you look at wand you know what he said? He’s going to get the Mexican government to pay for it, you know that’s hogwash. That’s not going to happen, but people like to hear that he’s selling, he’ll sit here and promise that he’s going to build a wall across the thousands of miles of the southern border with Mexico

    “When you have the out party, which the Republican Party has been outside the White House for almost eight years and you have an open seat – so there’s no Democratic incumbent – when you have that situation, voters tend to be angry. They’re super angry,” Cantor added.

    “History has shown that as we actually get closer to when people go in the first ballot booth, which is not until the end of January, beginning of February in Iowa, so we’re four months away from that happening,” Cantor said, when asked about Trump leading in all of the polls with a high percentage. “The voters do take it upon themselves as a very solemn duty when they begin to decide who they want to be president. So, we’re going through the early silly season still.”

    “It’s not such an early silly season – it’s mid-season silliness now,” Sackur challenged.

    But Cantor denied it’s mid-season, saying, “No – because you still got four months until you get to Iowa.”
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    Oh wow! How crazy is it that Eric Cantor is talking to anyone! I mean he endorsed Jeb Bush and Jeb made Cantor his top many in VA and then dropped to 5th place as Trump took 1st.

    These establishment types dont realize how bad it is!

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    It's strange that anyone would even be asking Eric Cantor his opinion on a Republican race.
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    Eric Cantor might just be chewing on some sour grapes and has found a willing media outlet to transmit them. The whole Speaker of the House fiasco might be seen as a missed opportunity by him..If only the little people hadn't thrown him out for his globalist agenda.
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    "Here’s where I think a lot of the anger and furry is coming from..."

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