Exclusive — Michael Yon: ‘Our Government’ Funds ‘Weaponized Migration’ Aimed at America, Europe

by ROBERT KRAYCHIK 23 Mar 2023

Michael Yon, a photojournalist specializing in war and a retired U.S. Army Special Forces veteran, said on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily that the U.S. government is complicit in driving “weaponized migration” amounting to an “invasion” of the United States.

Yon recalled Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) Alejandro Mayorkas’s visit to Panama and the Darién Province in April 2022. The U.S. government, he added, is “extremely well aware” of the flow of migrants to the U.S. through the Darién Gap.

“I took two Congressman down [to Panama],” Yon stated. “We took Tom Tiffany from Wisconsin and we took Congressman Burgess Owens from Utah. Those guys are brave. They went deep in the jungle. We went way out there with the Indians, they saw exactly what’s happening.”

Yon shared some of his observations and reporting of Mayorkas’s trip to Panama. He said Mayorkas and his security detail “came within like 15 feet of me on the ground” after landing in Blackhawk helicopters.

Yon said Mayorkas and his entourage visited a migrant camp in the Darién Province partially run by Senafront, a Panamanian police force operating as a sort of border patrol.

“They went into this one camp near Meteti in Darién Province,” he stated. “I had the drone right over them. I know Senafront down there — Senafront is like the Panamanian sort of army, border patrol, border police — they’re very professional. They run these camps with the U.N. and some others.”

Yon said he had been told of the U.S. government’s plan to assist the Panamanian government to increase the size of its migrant camps.

He stated, “I had already been told by Senafront and the U.N. and some other people that the United States — Mayorkas — is coming down to increase the size of the camps — two of the camps — to double the size, which they did. I was droning. I droned when he was there. I droned this other camp. I’ve got all the drone footage, perfect HD.”

Yon said he had captured drone footage of two migrant camps in Panama in April 2022 and recently and that both camps had more than doubled in size across that timeframe.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas addresses the media during a press conference at the Phoenix Convention Center detailing an overview of public safety plans for Super Bowl LVII activities in Arizona on February 07, 2023, in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

He remarked, “The United States did this. Our Department of Homeland Security did it with our money. Our Department of Homeland Security is openly — they’re not hiding it — it’s in your face. … It’s right there.”

“They’re breaking new ground as soon as [Mayorkas] left and increasing the size of the camps,” he continued.

“It’s unbelievable. They’re well aware. It’s our government that’s doing it.”

Yon emphasized the U.N.’s role in coordinating “weaponized migration” via the International Organization for Migration (OIM), its subsidiary agency. He noted the U.S. government’s status as the primary state funder of the U.N.

“Who is funding [the U.N.]?” Yon asked. “Who is facilitating them? The United States. … This is a facilitated invasion of the United States and of Europe.”

Last week, Panama reported a 450-percent increase in migration through the Darién Gap when comparing this year’s January-February period with 2022’s, including a 3000-percent increase in Chinese nationals.