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Thread: Exclusive — Tom Homan: If Trump Wins, Many ‘Patriots’ Want to Serve in DHS, ‘Secure T

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    Exclusive — Tom Homan: If Trump Wins, Many ‘Patriots’ Want to Serve in DHS, ‘Secure T

    Exclusive — Tom Homan: If Trump Wins, Many ‘Patriots’ Want to Serve in DHS, ‘Secure This Border,’ ‘Shut It Down Once and For All’

    by ROBERT KRAYCHIK 23 Sep 2022

    Tom Homan, former acting director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), said on Friday that he and many other “patriots” are ready and willing to serve in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to secure the southern border if former President Donald Trump runs in and wins the 2024 presidential election.

    “I had dinner with President Trump several weeks ago in Las Vegas, and I told him if he comes back, I come back,” Homan said on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with special guest host Jerome Hudson. . “I’d go back to secure the border to save lives.”

    He added, “I’d come back for the third time, unretire once again, and go back, because what’s happening on the Southern Border pisses me off. We handed this administration the most secure border in my lifetime. I’ve done this for 35 years. Who the hell come into office and unsecures a border? So, absolutely, I’ve already talked to my family about it. If I’m needed, I’ll go back in a heartbeat.”

    Homan said he had spoken with dozens of former ICE and Border Patrol employees who want to serve is a second Trump administration.

    He remarked, “Since I’ve been retired, and since this border is so out of control the last two years, I’ve gotten literally — I would say — 30 phone calls from friends of mine, guys whose careers were in the Border Patrol and ICE that are also retired, and they watch TV. They get fed up. They’re as upset as I am.”

    “[I received] phone calls from 25 to 30 people saying, ‘If you go back, bring me back,'” he added.

    “There’s a lot of patriots out there that want to come back and serve and to the right thing, and they’re as upset as I am, so it’d be no problem finding leaders within DHS to secure this border and shut it down once and for all.”

    Exclusive — Tom Homan: If Trump Wins, Many 'Patriots' Will Serve in DHS (
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    I want that entire border walled off with our troops defending it 24/7. Other countries defend their borders and so can we. Give our Veterans the job to secure the border.

    I want ALL immigration paused for 10 years. Clean this mess up and get tracking in place.

    I want to end birthright citizenship.

    I want a Task Force in each state to round up 35 million illegal aliens, visa overstays, refugees, TPS, and asylum liars and ship them back home. They need to solve their problems on their damn soil. We are not the dumping ground or ATM machine for the entire world and its problems.

    Billions of our hard-earned tax dollars are paying for these foreign citizens crime, welfare, food stamps, school, healthcare! Our money that should be spent rebuilding America and getting every able-bodied legal citizen to work and paying taxes.


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