EXCLUSIVE: Haitian Migrants Are Bused to Second West Texas Town for Release amid Overcrowding

by RANDY CLARK 10 Jun 2021

DEL RIO, Texas — Haitian migrants apprehended locally are now be transported to nearby Eagle Pass for release, a CBP source speaking on the condition of anonymity tells Breitbart Texas.

The source says Haitian migrants are now being moved to a local non-governmental shelter to limit visibility and public scrutiny in Del Rio. On Wednesday, Haitian migrants could be observed at the Mission Border Hope shelter preparing for transit and release.

The shelter provides a privacy-screened outdoor recreation area and most migrants rarely exit until they board transportation.

Rather than waiting for inland transportation in Del Rio, the mostly Haitian migrants are now being placed in a re-purposed yellow school bus. As of press time, the owner/operator of the bus is unknown. There are no noticeable Texas Department of Transportation identifiers on the vehicle.

Breitbart Texas spoke to one local transportation industry owner/operator who is not happy with the move. The owner of a tour van company in Eagle Pass says he wonders if the vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and if the requisite insurance is on file.

“This is alarming, we have been in business offering transportation to clients for years. Our fleet is properly registered, and we have insurance to protect our customers,” he says. “This method of public transportation looks strange to me,” he added.

Border Patrol in the Del Rio Sector is dealing with the influx of large Haitian groups illegally entering almost daily. According to a law enforcement source within CBP, a “large group” in excess of 100 was apprehended on Monday.

The increased number of illegal crossings near Del Rio has forced Border Patrol to suspend the issuance of immigration court dates for removal and institute a speedy catch and release policy to avoid overcrowding.