EXCLUSIVE: Migrant Got-Aways on Southwest Border Drop Significantly in January

by BOB PRICE and RANDY Feb 2023

Migrant got-aways along the southwest border with Mexico dropped significantly in January, according to a source within U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Border Patrol officials estimate the number of got-aways fell to 48,000 during the fourth month of the fiscal year.

The number of got-aways in January fell from the 72,000 estimated in December — a drop of 33 percent. This brought the total number of got-aways for the first four months of FY23 to approximately 267,000, the source stated.

The source also revealed that apprehensions along the southwest border dropped significantly in January.

Border Patrol agents in the nine southwest border sectors apprehended approximately 130,000 migrants. This is down from 220,000 apprehended in December 2022 — a drop of nearly 41 percent.

While the month-to-month drop in January is significant, it is still a massive increase from January 2021. In January 2021, agents apprehended just over 75,000 migrants. This represents an increase of 73 percent from the month President Joe Biden took office.

The 130,000 apprehensions in January is the lowest month since February 2021 — President Biden’s first full month in office.

Earlier this month, Breitbart Texas reported that Border Patrol agents apprehended 4.2 million migrants along the southwest border since Biden took office. The January apprehensions bring the 24-month total to a record-setting 4.3 million migrants. This represents an average of just over 181,000 migrant apprehensions per month.

Agents along the southwest border with Mexico apprehended more than 760,000 migrants during the first four months of FY23. This is 90 percent more than the nearly 401,000 migrants apprehended during the entire FY202 — President Donald Trump’s last full year in office.