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Thread: Exclusive: Tiny Irish Town Taking Hundreds of Migrants Had No Say, Locals Fear Being

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    Exclusive: Tiny Irish Town Taking Hundreds of Migrants Had No Say, Locals Fear Being

    Exclusive: Tiny Irish Town Taking Hundreds of Migrants Had No Say, Locals Fear Being Called Racist

    March 7, 2018

    Liam Deacon

    “We don’t know where these people are going to be from. They won’t tell us what countries they’re from. What religion they’re from,” said Michael Walsh.

    He said the 300-strong rural community of Lisdoonvarna could be radically changed by such a large and sudden influx, and that many concerned locals were fearful of accusations of racism if they questioned it.

    “They just proposed to expand the population of this little village by what? Twenty-five per cent? Thirty-three per cent actually!” he exclaimed in an interview with Breitbart News Editor in Chief Alex Marlow on Breitbart News Daily on Sirius XM.

    “And [the asylum seekers] are starting to come in this week,” he said, explaining how the contracts for the deal have now been signed this Wednesday, making it a “done deal”, despite 93 per cent of Lisdoonvarna residents last week voting against turning a local hotel into asylum seeker accommodation.

    “The hotelier who had publically said ‘if the people of Lisdoonvarna don’t want this I won’t sign the contract’ has signed the contract. He’s now weaselled back on it,” Mr. Walsh added, speculating that the owner stands to make between one and two million euros from the government in a year.

    From Matchmaking town to #DirectProvision Centre- I’m live in #Lisdoonvarna #Clare @drivetimerte as locals seek postponement of #AsylumSeekers arrival

    — John Cooke (@johncookeradio) February 26, 2018

    Mr. Walsh – a screenwriter, author, filmmaker, and former Breitbart News editor – grew up in the U.S. but has roots in the isolated town of Lisdoonvarna in County Clare, which hosts a popular matchmaking festival in the summer, attracting many tourists.

    He returned to the area in his twenties to “reconnect” with his Irish roots and renovate a property there. Like others, he wanted to experience Irish culture and enjoy life in the traditional community, which he now fears will dramatically change.

    Many asylum seekers in Ireland are not from worn torn nations, he claimed, but many will stay in the country indefinitely, even if they are not in danger where they are from.

    “Ireland is under the impression that these people will all become Irish, pretty much overnight, and everything will just continue on to be terrific. But, in fact, as history is showing us – in Sweden, France, and Germany – this is not necessarily the case.

    “Very many people are concerned, but they’re also concerned about being called racist, and the town is in a real pickle right now,” he said.

    Irish Govt ‘Paid Press’ to Promote Plan to Grow Population by One Million With Mass Migration

    — Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) February 24, 2018

    Blasting the lack of consultation on the new asylum seeker home, he said: “It was all done in complete secrecy. No one knew about this until two weeks ago!”

    Ireland has taken in relatively few asylum seekers compared to other EU nations in recent years, due in part to the nation being physically removed from its European neighbours. However, with the EU’s new forced relocation scheme, numbers are set to increase.

    The forced migration programme comes among revelations that the Irish government paid journalists to give positive coverage of their Ireland 2040 policy to dramatically grow the nation’s population through mass migration.

    “Apparently there’s no way to stop [the migrants coming to Lisdoonvarna]. The local [politicians] are all wringing their hands about it,” Mr. Walsh added, arguing that the pro-EU mainstream parties have a stranglehold on Irish politics, allowing for little dissent.

    “It’s a good example of how Ireland was a colony of England… and now it’s a slave state again, of Brussels. It’s a very sad commentary on what’s happening in Europe.”
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    Article from 2015 - resulted in the Irish town's problem - all of EU too.

    The EU Just Forced Members to Accept Migrants Through Qualified Majority Voting, You Should Probably Know What That Means…


    by Raheem Kassam22 Sep 20152592
    The European Union’s (EU) own interior ministers today forced through a plan to allocate at least 120,000 migrants across EU member states, regardless as to whether or not the countries own populations, or their governments agreed. The method they used to force through the policy is called “qualified majority voting” (QMV) – as predicted by UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage in his Breitbart London column just four days ago.

    The new rule will see migrants redistributed across EU member states despite objections from Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, because QMV gives greater weight to the votes of the big EU member states than it does to those with smaller economies, populations, and contributions to the European project.
    According to the BBC, Slovakia’s prime minister has already said he would reject the EU-imposed quotas, but the EU rules are the rules as far as member states are concerned. The powers-that-be initiated the move through the European Parliament, circumventing the European Council intentionally so that QMV could be used to push through the motion.

    “You heard about it on Breitbart London first”, UKIP leader Nigel Farage told us this afternoon. He wrote last week:
    This law now has to go back to the same European Council that last week rejected the very concept of burden-sharing. So you may think they will simply refuse it again. To think such things is to gravely underestimate the fanaticism and chicanery that lie deep at the heart of the EU project. They will be able if they choose to push this measure through under a system known as qualified majority voting which effectively means that the big countries can outvote the smaller Eastern European states. [Emphasis added]
    If the countries in question refuse to take the quotas, the EU can fine them up to 0.002% of their GDP as a penalty.
    QMV was first initiated by the Treaty of Rome, the precursor to the Lisbon Treaty that formalised the European Union. It allocates votes to members according to their populations, but more importantly, grants a majority for the ruling when approval of 55 per cent of Member States is obtained (72 per cent if the act has not been proposed by the Commission), and which must represent at least 65 per cent of the EU’s population. The rules were changed last year to avoid “gridlock”.

    While four member states may block proposals, they have to also constitute at least 35 per cent of the EU member states’ populations – something presumably not obtained in this recent vote.
    Under the old system, the votes of Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain and Poland were broadly equally weighted. Now Germany gets a massive weighting, with France, Britain, and Italy second, followed by Spain, the Poland. The other EU member states have almost negligible influence, which is why today’s vote passed.

    But the results of the vote have so far not been released, and one European Parliamentary source, when asked who voted for what, told Breitbart London, “I’d like to know that too.” Asked if the results were to go on one of the European Union’s many websites, they said, “No. It doesn’t work like that.”
    POLITICO noted that QMV was thought of as the “nuclear” option to force European member states to act as a result of the migrant crisis. “As far as I can recall it has never been used on delicate issues like migration,” a senior EU diplomat told the online magazine last week.
    Responding to the agreement on mandatory quotas, UKIP MEP Jane Collins said: “There is now no escaping the fact that immigration will be decided by Brussels.”
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    Thank you artist for adding this to the thread.
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    "Euroean Union"/"United States"? Looks pretty much the same here. The "Feds"/"Union" mandates that foreigners be allowed in, whether they fit or not. The result can destroy a community.

    In the United States, we have a predominant language, English, which is the same in every state, although that is being watered down. In Europe, this "union" consists of many different countries with many different languages. Is this what we are to become?
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