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    Eyewitness: ‘Hundreds’ from terror nations to pour over US-Mexican border

    Eyewitness: ‘Hundreds’ from terror nations to pour over US-Mexican border

    December 19, 2018

    Hundreds of illegal immigrants from nations and even neighborhoods that host terrorists including the Taliban, ISIS, and al Qaeda are using the Latin American pathway to the U.S.-Mexico border to enter the country, according to an eyewitness report.

    Working to verify Trump administration claims that terrorists are mingling in with Hispanic immigrants trying to illegally cross the border or claim legal asylum, a national security team with the Center for Immigration Studies found several from nations including Pakistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, and Iran headed to the U.S.

    The Center told Secrets that its team in Panama and Costa Rica “found that hundreds of migrants from countries of terrorism concern in the Middle East and elsewhere (referred to by law enforcement as ‘special interest aliens’) are indeed on their way to the U.S. border. The reporting makes clear that U.S. border security is concerned with more than Central Americans and Mexicans; the migration of special interest aliens is a significant American counterterrorism issue and national security issue.”

    Top national security expert Todd Bensman interviewed several and is posting the videos on the CIS website, including one in which a Pakistani conceded that the U.S. will likely look at him skeptically because he heralds from a Taliban hotbed.

    Bensman said, “Smuggling networks provide a permanent bridge for Islamic terrorists to follow in the path of Central American caravans in reaching the southern border. This bridge is just as viable as the ones used by terrorists to continually conduct attacks in Europe.”

    Bensman, who recently documented the efforts of 15 terrorists to enter the U.S., added, “Luckily, and sometimes quite serendipitously, migrant terrorist suspects have been caught in Panama and in Costa Rica while en route. American policy makers and the public need to consider this traffic as the reality it is in any debate and policy creation about our borders, now confirmed through direct observation and in interviews with the migrants themselves by CIS.”

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