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    FAIR warns of public anxiety over Demo sellout middleclass

    Received this press release from FAIR today.

    FAIR Warns of Growing Public Anxiety Amidst Charges Democrats Now Selling out the American Middle Class

    (Washington, DC â‚€œ March 23, 2005) Amidst partisan bickering in Washington, congressional Democratic leaders have found at least one issue on which they are prepared to cooperate with President Bush: Massive increases in immigration and an all-encompassing amnesty for more than 10 million illegal aliens. In a letter addressed to President Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox, the Senate and House minority leaders, Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called for increased immigration, amnesty for illegal aliens, and huge increases in the number of guest workers allowed to enter the country. The â‚“statement of principlesâ‚? put forth by the Democratic leaders is essentially the same plan proposed by President Bush.

    The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) warned that this detachment from historic principles guiding fairness toward hard-working American families would eventually lead to seismic political repercussions â‚€œ the beginnings of which are already apparent today: â‚“The leadership of Democratic Party appears to be signing its name to a death warrant for the American middle class,â‚? charged Dan Stein, president of FAIR. â‚“Coming off of an election year during which they ceaselessly pounded the president for his poor record on jobs, wages and economic opportunity for Americaâ‚„s embattled middle class, the two top-ranking Democrats in the Senate and House have endorsed a plan that will throttle upward mobility for the vast majority of American workers.â‚?

    Recent studies, including ones from the Wall Street investment firm Bear Stearns and Columbia University economists, indicate that mass illegal immigration has cost millions of Americans their jobs, has robbed the entire American labor force of billions of dollars in lost wages, while costing taxpayers billions more in services. The total number of illegal aliens living in the U.S. is now conservatively estimated at 11 million.

    â‚“What the congressional Democratic leadership is proposing is immigration on demand. So long as there is a worker anywhere in the world who is prepared to come to the United States to work at whatever wages an American employer is willing to offer, the president and the top Democrats want to ensure that the door is open,â‚? Stein said. â‚“Under the Democratsâ‚„ â‚œstatement of principles,â‚„ anyone who violated our immigration laws would be rewarded with legalization and benefits, and anyone who is prepared to work for a lower wage than an American would not only be admitted, but be entitled to â‚œmeaningful access to educational opportunities and job advancement.â‚„

    â‚“Neither the president nor the Democratic leadership offer a plan for how local communities all across the United States will pay for the services all of the people who will be given amnesty, their newly arriving family members, and the millions of guest workers will require,â‚? continued Stein.

    â‚“While Americans are disillusioned by the political gridlock that prevents their government from addressing many critical national problems, it seems the only thing the White House and the Democratic leadership can agree on is rewarding illegal aliens and punishing hard-working, law-abiding, middle class Americans,â‚? Stein concluded, "and there is growing and dangerous discontent in the land."
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