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    Feds take 19 into custody on Coronado beach

    Feds take 19 into custody on Coronado beach

    Written by Janet Lavelle

    2:47 p.m., Aug. 18, 2012

    CORONADO — Eighteen Mexican nationals in a panga who came ashore near Dog Beach in Coronado, plus a U.S. citizen waiting for them, were taken into federal custody shortly after midnight Saturday, authorities said.

    U.S. Border Patrol agents spotted the boat as it landed at 12:22 a.m. and apprehended 15 males and three females, said Steven Pitts, supervising information officer for the agency.

    Agents also apprehended a man who was seen fleeing the scene in a vehicle, Pitts said, identifying the man as U.S. citizen.

    “We believe he was there to transport them away from the shore,” Pitts said. “He will be set up for prosecution on alien smuggling charges.”

    Those in the boat will be processed for deportation hearings, he said.

    One of the women was taken to a hospital for symptoms related to not taking medication to treat her diabetes, he said.

    Pitts said all 19 appeared to be adults.

    Feds hold 19 after boat lands on Coronado beach |

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    good work
    I don't care you did your job
    No amnesty or Dream act

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