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    Fentanyl timeline: 1950 through today

    June 24, 2007



    Fentanyl synthesized in Belgian lab as a fast-acting anesthetic up to 80 times stronger than morphine.


    Introduced as intravenous anesthetic for surgery; later incorporated in skin patches and lollipops for relief from severe or chronic pain.


    Black market develops for pharmaceutical fentanyl, with supplies stolen from such legitimate sources as hospitals and sold to drug abusers.


    Rogue chemist develops a stronger analog (or chemical cousin) to fentanyl, which hits the streets as China White and is sold as heroin in the western United States. More than 100 fatal overdoses are linked to sporadic outbreaks over the next five years.


    University of California-Los Angeles study identifies at least 10 variants of fentanyl, some 1,000 times more potent than morphine.


    China White outbreak in Pittsburgh kills 18.


    Illicit lab near Wichita, Kan., is busted and 40 pounds of fentanyl seized.


    Lab with more than 8 pounds of diluted powder and 16 ounces of high-potency liquid fentanyl seized near Big Bear, Calif., by agents hunting marijuana.


    Labs seized in San Diego and suburban Los Angeles.


    • Feb. 27: Customs and Border Patrol agents seize 2.6 pounds of 83% pure fentanyl and 41 pounds of ice methamphetamine at a checkpoint near Westmoreland, Calif., near the Mexican border.

    • May 21: Authorities raid a clandestine lab in Lerma, Mexico, alleged to have produced and shipped about 22 pounds of fentanyl into the United States, leading to the loss of more than 1,000 lives.

    • July 28: White House-sponsored fentanyl conference in Philadelphia held to battle outbreak.


    • May 9: White House announces regulation of the manufacture and distribution of N-phenethyl-4-piperidone, or NPP, a chemical used by clandestine fentanyl labs.



    FALL: Chicago gang members begin selling fentanyl, often mixed with heroin.

    OCTOBER: Detroit Police chemist alerts the Wayne County Medical Examiner that fentanyl-laced heroin is turning up in Detroit.

    NOVEMBER: 16 fentanyl-associated fatal overdoses are logged in Wayne County.

    • Nov. 17: U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration issues a news release warning of fentanyl in Detroit, to little notice.

    DECEMBER: 12 more fentanyl deaths in Wayne County.


    JANUARY: 16 fentanyl deaths in Wayne County.

    FEBRUARY: Meeting of Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office and local health officials to address fentanyl as 17 more people die from it in Wayne County.

    • Feb. 4: Fred Lee Rogers, 50, a retired autoworker, overdoses in his riverfront apartment.

    MARCH: 18 deaths in Wayne County

    • March 7: Brandon Hilgendorf, 21, a promising professional bowler, overdoses at friend's home in Shelby Township. He'd bought his drugs at a Keating Street drug house in Detroit.

    APRIL 8Wayne County deaths

    • April 12: Lauren Jolly, 17, a Birmingham Groves High School student, and a schoolmate are arrested for drug possession after buying heroin at a motel near I-75 and 8 Mile in Warren. Jolly's parents send her to drug rehab.

    MAY: Fentanyl involved in at least 29 deaths in Wayne County, including at least 19 in a four-day span.

    • May 21: A makeshift lab in a town outside Mexico City is raided by Mexican authorities following a tip from Chicago that the lab is supplying fentanyl to the United States. Ricardo Valdez-Torres, the chemist who allegedly made the fentanyl, reportedly says up to 10 kilos were made and sent to United States, enough to supply 80 million doses to drug users.

    • MID-MAY: Lauren Jolly leaves rehab.

    • May 24: Jolly, 17, of Bloomfield Township fatally overdoses at the drug house on Keating Street.

    JUNE: 25 fentanyl deaths in Wayne County.

    • June 21: Nearly 300 local and federal agents arrest more than 30 people in sweeps through the Dearborn Homes housing projects and other locations in Chicago. Many of those arrested are said to be part of the Mickey Cobra street gang, reportedly a major street dealer of Mexican fentanyl.

    • June 22: Daren Reese, 45, arrested with heroin and fentanyl, charged with running a drug operation in the Jeffries housing projects in Detroit. He will later plead guilty and draw a 4- to 20-year term in state prison.

    JULY: 11 fentanyl deaths in Wayne County.

    AUGUST: 8 fentanyl deaths in Wayne County.

    • Aug. 5: Louie Awdish, 25, overdoses in Royal Oak after buying drugs on Keating Street.

    SEPTEMBER: 14 fentanyl deaths in Wayne County.

    OCTOBER: 19 fentanyl deaths in Wayne County.

    NOVEMBER: 29 fentanyl deaths in Wayne County.


    FEB. 22: James Edgar Coleman, 36, of Detroit is sentenced to 30 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to selling drugs through the Keating Street house.

    MARCH 1: U.S. Attorney in Chicago announces two major fentanyl indictments. One charges rogue chemist Ricardo Valdez-Torres with running a major fentanyl lab in Mexico and Darnell Hurt with bringing the drug to Detroit.

    The second charges members of the Mickey Cobras, a Chicago street gang, in the deaths of five drug users.

    JUNE: More than 1000 U.S. drug deaths are attributed to fentanyl since summer 2005, with more than 300 in metro Detroit. American and Mexican drug officials say it's likely the Mexican lab is responsible for the U.S. outbreak.

    Sources: Indictment by federal grand jury in Chicago, Detroit-area police, DEA in Chicago and Daniel Isenschmid, chief toxicologist in Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office.

    Copyright © 2007 Detroit Free Press Inc. ... /1007/NEWS
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    All I can say is if your waking up post surgery... and your in pain... thank God for fentanyl...
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