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Thread: Final vote where we can kill amnesty expected in next 24 hours

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    Final vote where we can kill amnesty expected in next 24 hours

    Roy Beck

    Final vote where we can kill amnesty expected in next 24 hours -- Please call red-state Democratic Senators who need to know they will never escape 'amnesty' label

    Today is your last chance to make a difference in the Senate amnesty fight. We expect the final cloture vote on S. 744 Thursday morning.

    Please go to the list of Senators below and call the ones that are appropriate for you.

    Most of these Democrats in the past have voted against amnesties, in part in consideration of the competitive political nature of their states.

    But in the last two weeks, they have voted every time with the radical amnesty champions who lead their Party to keep the S. 744 amnesty bill alive.

    Do they really believe the voters of your states will forget -- or forgive -- them for being the key to passing the largest amnesty in history?

    And for passing the largest flood of foreign labor competition in history?

    We know that all of these have heard from many of their close allies and supporters in their states that this bill is extremely unpopular. A huge outpouring from citizens on the phone today can still bring these Democrats back to some of their past practices.

    Stop your Senator from selling out

    Here are the Senators who have been reported agreeing to vote YES on amnesty in return for getting some personal request included in the 1,200-page bill:

    Sen. Pryor -- 888-995-2016
    Sen. Donnelly -- 888-995-2034
    Sen. Landrieu -- 888-995-2026
    Sen. Stabenow -- 888-978-3092
    Sen. McCaskill -- 888-995-2019
    Sen. Baucus -- 888-995-2041
    Sen. Tester -- 888-995-2045
    Sen. Hagan -- 888-995-1994
    Sen. Johnson -- 888-995-2052
    Sen. Manchin -- 888-995-1992

    We believe every one of these Senators can be helped by voters to understand that their best political interests are aligned with the best interests of the state in voting NO on the final bill.

    You can use any argument you wish with the Senators' staffers -- or simply say "Vote NO on S. 744."
    But here are some key reasons the Senators should oppose this bill:

    1. VOTING "YES" WILL FOREVER TAR THE SENATOR WITH THE LARGEST OPEN-BORDER/AMNESTY FIASCO IN HISTORY: It repeats the mistake of the 1986 amnesty by giving work permits and legalization to at least 11 million . . . before any new enforcement, let alone before full implementation of enforcement.

    2. VOTING "YES" WILL BE A LONG-TIME SYMBOL OF CALLOUSNESS TO AMERICA'S MOST VULNERABLE, ESPECIALL TO BLACK AND HISPANIC AMERICANS: The bill's addition of 33 million new potential foreign workers in first decade during a time of high unemployment threatens to collapse the wages of many middle-class occupations and to retard the ability of the working poor to move up to the middle class.

    3. Polls show almost NO public support (a) for work permits before full enforcement implmentation, (b) for increasing the flow of foreign workers, let alone the tripling of foreign workers.

    4. The Weekly Standard reports that at least five S. 744 supporters do not. The influential publication found that Senators did not know anything about a provision in the bill that would give employers a $3,000 incentive to hire amnestied aliens over citizens and permanent legal residents:

    5. John Carney of CNBC writes that the Congressional Budget Office says S. 744 would create "another decade of pain" for American workers. But that doesn't seem to trouble very many Members of the United States Senate.

    6. Instead of discussing the higher unemployment and lower wages S. 744 would mean for American workers, the Gang is "in full horse-trading mode" according to Politico, which also reports (subscribers only) that the entire process has been "mostly via back channels and insider negotiations, with deals reached privately to lock up senators' votes -- rather than amendments adopted publicly on the Senate floor."

    7. Erick Erickson of Red State has a list of quotes from amnesty supporters back when they were running for office -- and against amnesty.

    8. And Sen. Rubio (among those quoted by Erickson above) reiterated his belief that the Senate needs to convince the American public to trust it on immigration.

    Sen. Paul, on the other hand, wrote "Washington parlor tricks disguised as reform will not fool the American people."

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    Senator Manchin is very angry with Obama over the Global warming speech and shutting down coal plants if people in his state call he could be persuaded to vote no on immigration, coal states and all Americans will be hit with higher utility cost as the president will use the EPA to bring about the more strict air laws.
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    Except the timing is quite interesting. Perhaps Manchin thinks it gives him cover to vote for S744---a distraction and a chance to change the conversation. Don't let that happen!

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