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First enforce the laws we've got

Nov. 16, 2005 10:30 AM

George Diaz, Jr.
Public affairs consultant

Just in case I decide to run for office (I'm considering running for dog catcher) I want to come out strong on illegal immigration. Here is my idea:

A child born inside the United States but conceived outside of the United States would not automatically be granted citizenship. The child would have to travel to the country where conceived and apply for citizenship. Don't think it's realistic? Give it a year or two and folks will be all over that idea.

If you don't like that idea here is another. How about actively enforcing the laws that exist? According to a blurb in The Republic a couple of weeks ago, of the 301,046 leads on possible visa violators the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency received in 2004 only 4,164 were formally pursued. Of those 4,164 visa violators only 671 were apprehended.

It seems to me that in our haste to be able to lay claim to being "tough on (insert issue here)" we create bad ideas while ignoring what we already have to work with. We must also consider how will new laws help? It is obvious we already have laws we are either unable or unwilling to enforce.