Five Arrested in Protest Outside Dallas ICE Facility

By Cody Lillich

Published 3 hours ago | Updated 2 hours ago

Five people have been arrested during a protest outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Dallas.

Police responded to the Saturday morning protest of about 75-80 people outside the facility on Interstate 35E. The group was outside the government building protesting to 'Abolish ICE.'

Dallas police said the protest started peaceful but protesters started to block lanes of the service road to I-35E. Officers initially blocked one lane for protesters, but they moved into the other two remaining lanes, taking up the entire southbound service road.

Officers blocked the service road from traffic and asked the protesters to move. When they refused to move, police made arrests of five people, according to a police supervisor on the scene.

All of those arrested were charged with blocking a passageway, while one of the five was charged with assault on a peace officer for hitting an officer in the nose.