Former drug dealer BLASTS sanctuary cities for fueling the fentanyl trade

Is that Nancy Pelosi's district?

August 05, 2022

Ricci Wynne is a recovering drug addict using his social media to battle the policies that have turned his hometown of San Francisco into an open-air drug market. In this clip, Ricci opens up to "
Fearless" host Jason Whitlock about the shocking story of how San Fran’s sanctuary city status further enables the deadly international fentanyl trade.

Ricci bravely blows the whistle on San Francisco's safe space for undocumented drug dealers. According to Ricci, some of these foreign citizens have been arrested two and three times for selling drugs, but they have no fear of being deported because of the city's sanctuary status.

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Ricci Wynne

Now ask yourself this question would you want your children to walk through this squalor just to get home from school?


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12:19 PM · Jul 8, 2022
from SoMa, San Francisco

This video went viral. It showed school kids being dropped off by a bus and left unaccompanied to wade through the horrific conditions.

Former drug dealer BLASTS sanctuary cities for fueling the Fentanyl Trade - TheBlaze