They aren't kids.


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HOUSTON, Texas—A flurry of activity from the volunteer police officers assisting the Brooks County Sheriff’s Office resulted in the rescue four more illegal immigrants who were found wandering the desert-like ranch-land near Falfurrias. The volunteer police officers were able to put three units on the road today to help the county suffering from budget cuts due to the costs of the burials of dead illegal immigrants found in the county.

“The immigrants were exhausted and severely dehydrated,” Brooks County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Deputy Benny Martinez told Breitbart Texas. ”After giving them some water, we held them for the Border Patrol to pick up.”
Donna ISD Acting Police Chief Daniel Walden, who is coordinating the efforts of the volunteer police officers said one of the two was a 21-year-old male from Honduras and the other was a 21-year-old male from Guatemala. The pair had been wandering the fields for three days without food or water. The temperatures in the area have been in the mid to high nineties all week.

This group of rescued/captured immigrants was found a few miles west of Falfurrias on a ranch off Highway 285.
Chief Walden said another volunteer reserve deputy found a 23-year-old male from San Salvador east of Falfurrias near Highway 285 and County Road 109. He said the illegal immigrant admitted he had paid a coyote $7,000 to get him to Houston. He got separated from the group and was left behind to die with no food or water. He was dehydrated when found.

The fourth illegal immigrant found was by another volunteer reserve deputy in a remote area east of County Road 408. The 33-year-old male from El Salvador was found dehydrated and hungry. He had been walking in the brush for three days.

Chief Deputy Martinez told Breitbart Texas the illegal immigrants found were lucky he had the extra manpower on duty today to find them. “These immigrants were lucky,” Martinez expressed. “We found the remains of twelve people in these same kinds of places in just the last month.”

The twelve bodies found by the Brooks County Deputies was actually a blessing when compared to last year, Martinez told Breitbart Texas. “In June, 2012,” Martinez explained, “we found over three times that bodies.” He said he hoped the trend would continue but with the heat building up and the numbers of immigrants crossing the border increasing, “it could be a very long summer.”

Chief Walden said one of his volunteer reserve deputies also was involved in a chase that led to a "bailout." A bailout is what happens at the end of the chase where the driver crashes the car, usually into a ranchers fence and then everyone in the car jumps out and runs in various directions. This is one of the ways people get separated and end up wandering the fields by themselves and get in trouble, Walden explained.

Breitbart Texas has been reporting about the lack of available manpower for the county’s law enforcement group due to budget cutbacks. The cutbacks are a result of the high cost the county must bear to bury the deceased illegal immigrants.

Martinez also revealed he was in meetings earlier today with officials from the Mexican Consulate about recovering the costs of some of these burials from Mexico. The discussions were held up, Martinez indicated, because the Consulate officials wanted to go with the cheapest funeral home which was a home the county was having problems with that resulted in the mass grave story earlier this month. Martinez said he will continue to work with the Consulate to try and resolve this issue.

In the meantime, the department is still suffering a manpower shortage due to the costs of burying the illegal immigrants. Volunteers like the ones describe above from other departments have been joining the Border Brotherhood of Texas, a newly formed law enforcement organization that is organizing off-duty police officers who are volunteering their time to provide additional manpower to the cash-strapped county.