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Thread: Four More Sex Fiends Bagged at Border, Another Truckload Stopped. Reentering Felons N

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    Four More Sex Fiends Bagged at Border, Another Truckload Stopped. Reentering Felons N

    Four More Sex Fiends Bagged at Border, Another Truckload Stopped. Reentering Felons Not Deported.

    Mar. 31, 2020
    Written by R. Cort Kirkwood

    Border agents at the southwest frontier of the United States caught four illegal-alien sex fiends and a gang member in the last five days, along with a box truck packed with three dozen illegals.

    The arrests are just the latest in the battle that border cops are waging against the reentry of previously deported sex perverts. Barely a week goes by that agents do not apprehend a pervert that immigration authorities kicked out of the country, often more than once.

    The apprehension of the 36 packed into the truck is at least the second in a week.

    The previously deported illegals present a problem if any carry the deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus known as COVID-19. They could unleash the contagion in a federal prison if they are convicted and jailed for felony reentering the country.

    Sex Perverts
    All four sex criminals, were, not surprisingly, previously deported.

    On Sunday, Customs and Border Protection reported, agents arrested a Mexican near the border town of Hidalgo, Texas. He had a conviction for aggravated sexual assault on a child and landed in the slammer for five years.

    On Saturday, agents in the Tucson Border Sector bagged a 28-year-old Guatemalan who jumped the border east of Lukeville, Arizona, about 150 miles southwest of Tucson. Authorities in Bergen County, New Jersey, convicted him of sexual assault in 2014 and sent him to state prison until he was booted from the country in 2018.

    On Friday near Mission, Texas, agents caught an illegal Salvadoran pervert convicted of aggravated indecent exposure on a victim less than 18 years old.

    On Thursday, agents collared one Cenobio Herrera-Hernandez, 57, near Douglas, Arizona, about two hours southeast of Tucson.

    “During processing, agents discovered Herrera-Hernandez was a registered sex offender in the state of Washington following a conviction for Communicating with a Minor for immoral purposes in 2000,” CBP reported. “Herrera-Hernandez’s extensive criminal and immigration violation history includes multiple convictions for driving under the influence and deportations dating back to 1990.”

    CBP did not divulge Herrera-Hernandez’s nationality.

    Also on Thursday, cops in Robstown, Texas, stopped an illegal Salvadoran. Border agents learned that he is a member of the 18th Street gang and wanted by Interpol for extortion in El Salvador.

    Border agents bagged two sex perverts earlier last week, as The New American reported on Friday. Both were Mexicans deported in 2018; one was a child molester.

    In the last week, agents have nabbed six sex fiends.

    Illegals by the Truckload
    The arrest of the 36 illegals is, again, nothing unusual and the second in two days at the same CBP checkpoint.

    “A white box truck arrived at the primary inspection lane for an immigration inspection at the Javier Vega Jr Checkpoint” in Sarita, Texas, the agency reported. A CBP K-9 sniffed trouble, which led to a second check. “Agents discovered 36 subjects hidden behind cardboard boxes inside the box truck,” CBP reported. “All were determined to be in the United States illegally.”

    On Thursday, as TNA reported, agents at the checkpoint stopped a grain-hauling tractor-trailer and sent it for a secondary inspection and K-9 search. “Inside the hauler on top of the grain product” were 48 border jumpers.

    How many of the 84 illegals carry the Chinese coronavirus or another disease is unknown.

    Illegals Prosecuted or Deported?
    Stopping the spread of the Asiatic pathogen was the reason President Trump, two weeks ago, ordered the immediate deportation of illegals caught jumping the border.

    Problem is, the previously deported sex fiends were not immediately deported, but instead charged with felony reentering, as CBP reported in three of the cases.

    If they are convicted and jailed, they could, again, introduce the deadly cross-species pathogen to a federal prison, where it might not only spread rapidly among the inmates, but also infect guards and other prison employees, who could spread it to their families.

    Thus are illegal aliens in general and previously deported felons in particular another major vector for the virus, particularly if, like Typhoid Mary, they are asymptomatic carriers.
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    Put them all on International Prison Island and let their country pay for their incarceration costs!

    Drop them on Epstein Island!!!

    Get them off our soil.


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